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Can You Use a Skateboard Helmet For Biking? (Might be a Bad Idea)

A skateboard helmet has similarities to the appearance of a bike helmet. It is not advisable to use, though, while you are cycling.

One, it does not have the right ventilation required while you are biking cause the skateboard helmet is thicker.

It is made that way, so it can protect against multiple impacts, while a bike helmet can protect the wearer for a single-impact episode and during times there is a collision.

The bike helmet can absorb the force that can otherwise be deadly for the cyclist. 

There are some helmet designs, according to manufacturers, that are certified to meet the standard for skating and bike use. 

The difference between Skate Helmets and Bike Helmets

Skate helmets are manufactured to withstand multiple low impacts which happen to those who are just learning the sports.

It is also a frequent occurrence for skaters have an accident while they are doing tricks, or they are still practicing the sports.

The thick shell of the skate helmets makes it possible to withstand many impacts. 

Bike helmets, on the other hand, can withstand a single major impact that happens during collisions with a vehicle, or a fall because of cycling at a certain speed.

The one-time blow, may not make the bike helmet usable and should be replaced. The protective barrier and the impact-absorbing quality of the helmet are no longer fit for use. However, during mild hits, you don’t need to throw it away, and it is still viable for use. 

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Vents and Coverage in the Different Types of Helmets

Bike helmets have vents and types of coverage. Those who will use a helmet when riding on the downhill mountain require full-face coverage, but for general use, a full-face helmet may not be advisable because it is hotter and heavier while you are wearing a full-face helmet.

Road bike helmets have no coverage at the lower back of the head since this helmet is protecting the rider when they fall forward, as opposed to falling backward, which rarely happens. 

Skate Helmets have coverage at the lower part of the back of the head because of the danger of skaters falling backward.

Bike helmets have more vents, compared to skate helmets, and there is more attention to the aerodynamic quality of the helmets. 

Skate helmets have a smooth and round shape with fewer vents in place. 

Helmet Style and Foam Type in Skate helmets Compared to Bike Helmets

Some people see skate helmets as more stylish, some bikers prefer cool designs of skate helmets, and they feel it is the choice, even when used on a bike, skateboarding, and snowboarding.

As long as there is a dual certification for the skate helmets, some bikers would prefer to buy a skateboarder-style helmet.

There is a foam that can withstand multiple impacts, and there are some that can only protect you from extremely hard impacts. You should look out for the type of foam used when you choose your helmet.

The most common and popular foam used is the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) and the Expanded Polypropylene (EPP). Both are squishy yet rubbery materials that can sustain different types of impacts, just like those used in skateboard helmets.

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EPS, on the other hand, is frequently used for bike helmets as EPS can sustain one major impact.

Some manufacturers are continually developing foam and cushions that can be used in different helmets to provide further protection to the user from any type of blows. 

However, this is expected to cost more because of added features, more reliable design, and better style. 

Issues With Using a Skate Helmet for Biking

It looks uncomfortable as some design has a silly appearance, but it can protect the wearer from multiple impacts. The thing is when multiple impacts are mentioned there is no guaranty that it can still withstand an impact after one collision.

There is no way of checking or knowing, especially if there are no cracks to see. Can it withstand another blow, and still protect the wearer next time?

Consumers can only trust the manufacture and the design of such multiple impact helmets, and as long as it is just episodes of soft, multiple impacts, it is still possible that it can withstand that one forceful impact. 

Questions about single impact helmets: For other people, when a single impact helmet is mentioned, they know that it only has one purpose of protecting them from that one strong impact, and the life of the bike helmet is no more.

It is supposed to be replaced with a new helmet with the same high-quality foam to protect the wearer next time around. 

But can a single impact helmet withstand a few soft impacts and then face one forceful impact? Can a single impact helmet stand it?

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With the availability of the latest bike helmets obtainable in the market with harder foam, a single impact helmet can still stand a big impact thrown at it. 

When is the Best Time to Replace a Bike Helmet or a Skateboard Helmet?

  • When a helmet you’re frequently using reaches its third year, even without an accident, it is time to replace it with a new one. 
  • When the helmet has signs of cracks, scrapes, wear and tear, and uneven shape, a helmet can no longer protect you from any impact. 
  • Straps that are no longer working or lose buckles, rusty or loose parts, are a sign to replace your helmet with a new one. 
  • When the inner section of the helmet shows signs of aging, and there is foam degradation.
  • When the helmet was crushed inside the storage area for a long time, this may no longer be viable to protect you when you wear it. 
  • A helmet that’s been in use for years and no longer match the wearer. 
  • Helmets that are not usually stored correctly and just left outside in changing weather may not be as effective after some time. 

A helmet that has been in storage for many years may not be as useful in protecting the wearer. The foam and other parts, although all prime materials, can also degrade with time.