Spinning bowling ball

Why Do Bowling Balls Spin? (Easy To Follow Guide)

Bowling balls spin because of the way the bowler releases the ball.

They also call spin a hook because it rolls in a curving pattern while it hooks the pin one by one.

Professional bowlers can make the ball spin so the ball can hook into the pins. This is ideal when a player wants to increase their chance of striking.

A spinning ball makes it possible to hit the pins, instead of just using a straight ball.

A straight ball will be able to hit the pins at the same angle as compared to a spinning ball that has a higher chance of hitting the pins.

The hooking technique as the professionals call it gives players a better chance of connecting to many pins that can lead to a strike.

This is not easy to learn as it takes practice and some guidance before a player can learn the technique. Professionals have honed their skills for quite some time before they get to release a ball that spins whenever they want to.

How To Get Your Bowling Ball To Spin?

Choose the right bowling ball. Whether you are a woman or a man, they suggest that you get a ball according to your weight.

A bowling ball that is 10% of your body weight is ideal, plus the correct weight of the ball should be checked.

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Get a heavy ball that is manageable, but you should not struggle to control it.

You should also not pick a ball that is too lightweight cause it is also difficult to control the force you can place on it once you throw the ball.

Finger Holes. When you want to learn the hook technique or make the ball spin, it may require you to get a ball that is fitted to your hand size.

You must get a bowling ball with just the right size of holes for your fingers cause it is hard to release a ball with finger holes that are too tight, and will get stuck in the process.

Large finger holes are also difficult to control cause you have to ensure that your fingers are still gripping it so you can control your throw, or else you will throw the ball aimlessly.

If you have your own ball, these issues may be solved instantly instead of using those used in the bowling alley.

Exercise Handling The Bowling Ball to Get a Better Spin

When you have a bowling ball of your own, you have all the time to get used to practice holding it.

Just get yourself familiar with the ball, so it will not be awkward for you once you are in the bowling alley. Practice placing your fingers in the correct position.

Once you are in the bowling alley, practice holding the ball close to you and swinging it downwards, so you can gauge the weight.

Start mastering your position, while facing the lane. Begin by standing up straight with the ball underneath at around mid-chest height while the free hand supports the weight of the ball.

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Take a step forward while making sure that you have the correct foot ahead. The other hand should still support the ball.

You should master the move as if you are in a handshake position as you release the ball, and the more you practice the ball’s release, the more you will create a powerful spin.

The ball gets into overdrive and may just get hurled in the gutter if you overdo the throw. Again, practice is the key.

How To Release The Ball To Get The Best Spin

Get a good grip on the bowling ball, and do not release it midway. You should be able to have the perfect stance before you swing and release.

With just a flick of the wrist, you can send the ball spinning, and the success is in using the right flick, at the right time.

Though this may take time to master, you will get there if you frequently try the technique.

Those who are just practicing their spin, use finger rotation, which is the easier method, but it will still depend on how you handle the bowling ball and if you have a firm grip.

You also need to get the hang of it before you can do this trick.

What To Remember When You Are Aiming For a Strike

Having the right ball. Again, this is the first step in reaching for that elusive strike during your first few games.

Though you would like to have the most expensive and heaviest ball, you can powerfully haul on the bowling lane, but this does not mean there will be an excellent result every time.

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As always, you need to get the right ball that fits. The correct weight that is manageable for you, and which has the leveled weight and with the right comfort.

Focus. You should keep your arm and hand relaxed while you are throwing the ball, so you will not be too forced with the throw.

Keeping your arms straight, relaxed, and comfortable with every throw should be your aim.

Your approach. You should be able to get a better aim if you use the four-step approach.

Start with the foot opposite the hand that is holding the ball. Get in the middle of your lane and not turn your body on either side, especially if you are not learned yet about the sport.

Releasing the ball. An awkward step and approach will not help in this game, so everything should be in perfect motion from your ball handling, your steps, your swing, and your concentration.

Releasing the ball is crucial cause your entire body should be in tune while you throw the ball.

You cannot look sideways or move awkwardly, while you carry your ball cause this will all affect your throw.

Although there are straight bowlers and spin bowlers, each player works with the learning they are equipped with.

For straight bowlers, they need more practice, as a straight technique is often used by beginners, while professionals often use the spin technique.