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How Long Do Table Tennis Rubbers Last? Plus other useful facts

Table tennis rubber wears out because of its constant usage. Hence, the more you play table tennis, chances are that the rubber might be worn out faster. While manufacturers estimate that the rubber used in table tennis bats has a lifetime of about 90 hours, there is nothing to worry about. 

So, if you notice that your table tennis bat can’t generate the spin that you have anticipated, it’s time that you change them. As a rule of the thumb, changing the table tennis rubber is very much dependent on how you play the game frequently. So, if you play once a week, change the rubber every year or if you play twice, change the rubber twice a year.

Commonly, the rubber in the table tennis bat will lose speed and grippiness after some time of regular wear and tear. How long the rubbers in the table tennis bat lasts will depend on several factors. Some rubbers might longer than the other ones under the same conditions. 

However, the most important part is that how frequently you use the bat to play. The more you play, the more you have to adjust the rubber. That way, the lifespan of the rubber decreases after a significant amount of time. But the longer you take to replace the rubber, the more you will feel the difference in spin and speed.

Another reason why you have to change the rubber is when you notice the sponge under the top sheet had degraded and the ball bounces in different directions. It is very hard to play with such table tennis bats and so you have to change the rubber. 

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Alternatives to Table Tennis Rubber

Sadly, there is no alternative to table tennis rubber and you have to stick to buying only the best quality rubber for your tennis bat. The rubber impacts the ball’s speed whenever you hit it hard. And, the quality of the rubber determines how much it can absorb and reduce the ball’s speed. 

Because there are no alternatives to the rubber used in a table tennis bat, it is very important to know the quality of rubbers and buy accordingly. In general, there are four different types of rubbers used in table tennis bats: smooth, short pips, long pips, and anti-topspin. 

Most of the table tennis players opt for smooth rubbers, which have shiny surfaces and have a layer of sponge underneath. This type of rubber is found in almost 85% of table tennis tournaments worldwide. Short pips rubber has a tough, bumpy surface and often includes a layer of sponge. 

This type of rubber is used by players who don’t execute spin in their game often. Long pips rubber can reverse the spin of the opponent. And, these kinds of spins are hard to read by the opponent. The anti-topspin rubber, used on the table tennis bat has a smooth surface. 

This kind of rubber is effective in neutralizing the spin of your opponents and making it a good blocker. However, before you chose the right rubber for your bat, make the correct decision. The sponge thickness, spin, and speed ratings are important factors that you should consider. There is no alternative to the rubber used on a table tennis bat because they are the best.

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Do Table Tennis Rubbers Come In Pairs?

No, table tennis rubbers don’t come in pairs. Most people have this common question in mind, and they are very much confused. Moreover, people get more confused when it comes to choosing the color options of black or red. So, when you buy a packet of rubber, you get a single one.

While buying you can choose the preferred color and you will have one. But the quantity will be one and not two. When visiting online stores people sometimes become confused between the quantity and color code. The issue becomes complex when people thought of buying more than a single piece.

So, leave all your confusions beside and don’t forget that you get a single piece of table tennis rubber when you buy a single packet. If you need two rubbers, you have to buy two packets. Hence, for a new tennis bat, you will need to buy two packets, one black, and another red.

Now, that you have understood, there is another important thing that you should consider. Look out for the best reviews online about a certain product that you are planning to buy. There are plenty of products on the market and each of them claims to be the best out there.

So, it is wise to buy the best rubber for your table tennis bat depending on your playing style and what you feel about it. Knowing what you need in the first place makes searching easy for you. 

How to Protect Table Tennis Rubber

There is no question that table tennis rubber is quite expensive. So, you need to take care of them so that the performance from the bat doesn’t get compromised. The rubbers collect a significant amount of dust, sweat, powder from the balls, and many more. In short, the rubbers collect a lot of grime and dust.

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As a result, the gripping becomes less. The ball slips from the rubber and you won’t generate heavy spin. So, you have to get all the dirty things away. The cheapest way to clean the rubbers is to use water and kitchen paper and wipe the surface. 

However, don’t use more water because the rubber might soak it. While this method might clean easy dirt, for harder stains you need something extra. Use a biological spray and use it at least once a week. It will help you remove the oils and sweat accumulated on it for some time.

Another great way to protect the table tennis rubbers is to buy rubber protectors. So, what are they? Rubber protectors are transparent, thin films that you can cut according to the shape of your rubber and cover them.

Many players cover their tennis bat rubbers with these protectors after cleaning them properly. That way, nothing gets in the way of the rubber surface.