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Why Do My Tennis Shots Go High? (How To Easily Correct)

You need to have the racket positioned accurately. When it is not handled correctly at the time of contact, your shots can go high or even go awry.

The slightest variation in the positioning of the racket will make a difference in the quality of your shots. 

Sometimes it is how you hit the ball or how much force you deliver when you hit the ball. The little force you deliver when you strike the ball will also make a difference in the way the ball travels. 

Then there is the force of the ball that is coming at you, and if you did not correctly hit the ball that will cause it to either go higher or will have a different path. 

Incorrect Racket Grip

You may handle your racket clumsily, hence there is a difference in your shots. The way you grip your racket may cause the ball to go too low or high, it just hit the net.

It may be the style of the grip of your racket that is making it awkward for you or it can be the shape of the handle. This is also the reason some players would rather have a customized racket instead of buying the one that truly fits.

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Inaccurate Timing

This may also be the reason your tennis shots are going high, you can hit the ball early or late and this can change the path of your shots. You should be able to follow the ball correctly and perfectly time your shots. 

Getting Affected By Nerves And Feeling The Tension

When you play tennis, you need to be concentrating on the play instead of getting affected by your nerves that can also affect every shot you will make. You can be feeling nervous and this, in turn, makes you get a flawed shot.

Not Anticipating

You may not be ready with every shot made by your opponent, and you are not focusing on the shots. You should learn to observe and give careful attention to your opponent’s movement.

When you see the movement of your opponent, you will not move late. You will also make sure that you hit the ball at the right angle with the right force. 

Other Physical Factors

Your shots may go high as you hit it when you feel fatigue and not in the best condition. You may be feeling sluggish, making you less focused on the game.

The heat may also overwhelm you and you can no longer see the shots being made by your opponent, and you cannot anticipate, hence you improperly hit the ball that causes it to go high. 

How Can You Practice Or Train In Order To Get More Control Of Your Shots?

Know where you are failing. For you to know where you can improve, you must identify what mistakes you are making. Then you can practice and correct the errors.

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You can improve your shots by having a plan on how you will practice and how much you need to practice. 

Know what you want to accomplish. Now you know you get your tennis shots going high often, and there is just a low percentage when you don’t miss hitting the ball, so this is what you should focus on. Every time you go out to train and practice, you have a mindset on what you want to do that day, what you need to finish, and what improvements must be made.

This should be your daily aim so that at the end of your training, you know that you have accomplished something. 

Correcting Your Position

Sometimes this is not given attention, but the reason there are tennis shots that are too high or low is because of incorrect position. When you are out of position, you don’t have the right balance as well. This is what you need when you want to strike the ball, since you need to take a full swing at it. 

Footwork is another area that you need to work on. This is also important when you are running after the ball and when you are expecting where you should go to get that shot. With the correct footwork, your mind is telling you what to do, and your body is following that command. This is what happens when you practice the right footwork.

Train With Experienced Players

In order for you to improve, you need to get additional lessons from those who have the experience. It will help you learn what you are doing wrong and how you will change it. 

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You can also observe their movements, footwork, how they hit the ball and learn from observing them. 

Training with experienced and tough players will help you get used to the caliber and the level of training they do. You will also be motivated by seeing such people being so focused and determined to improve on their skills. 

Do not be contented with playing with other players that have minor knowledge than you cause you will have lesser benefit from it.

Be Serious Every Time You Are Playing As If You Are In A Tournament

When you just play casually every time, there is nothing that will motivate you to be better, but when you play as if you are in a professional tennis match, you will learn to challenge yourself. 

Compete with more skilled players, get used to their performance and drive, and have the desire to win as well.

You need to know how far you have gone and what improvements you have made in your play, if you play with better players you will know what you will improve on while observing how good they are in playing the game. 

Always have a goal. This is how you can improve, every time you reach a goal you know you are on the right track. You need not reach your goal in a day or two, but any changes in your play, big or small, will matter.

Always have an open mind and know that you are not better than anyone else, that you always need to practice and improve your game.

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