Short tennis skirts

Why Are Tennis Skirts So Short? Explanation and background

If you’re a tennis enthusiast, you probably have already noticed how short and stylish tennis skirts usually are. Have you ever wondered why? At first, I used to think it was because of the lady-like appearance skirts give the female players, but there’s more to it than I thought. 

In tennis, players usually run a lot on the court. Female tennis players prefer to wear short skirts since it offers them wide freedom of movement around tennis courts, allowing them to easily reach for balls, make swift racket swings, and react promptly. 

Premium comfort and breathability are the major factors influencing tennis fashion, something that skirts offer maximally. Most tennis games are played outdoors in hot environments. Wearing long and bulky attires will only make the players sweaty and uncomfortable.

Tennis skirts are also usually designed with a pocket for female players to place the tennis balls, making them convenient apparel for them.

Why do tennis players wear short skirts?

Some people might say that the skirts are shorter so that players can move more easily and swing their arms and legs more freely. Others might say that the skirts are shorter because they are more flattering or sexier than longer skirts. Still others might say that the skirts are shorter so that players can stay cooler in the summertime.

Tennis skirts were originally worn because their higher length allowed freedom of movement on court. Freedom especially important for serving. Over the years, however, hemlines have risen and now are quite short.

Many players, both male and female, prefer shorter skirts for a variety of reasons: they’re cooler in hot weather, they don’t ride up when running, and they allow more range of motion. Shorter skirts also have a tendency to be more flattering to the average player’s body type.

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While there are some practical explanations for why tennis skirts have become so short, it’s also worth noting that fashion plays a role. In recent years, there has been something of a trend towards shorter skirts in general. Not just in tennis, but in other sports as well. Soccer players, for example, have also been opting for shorter skirts.

Why Are Skirts Popular in Tennis?

Tennis skirts have a popular style in the fashion industry. They have been in existence for more than one century and have undergone a series of adjustments and improvements ever since they were introduced. 

Some of the reasons making these skirts a popular choice for female players are:

1. High Comfortability 

Anyone who has worn a tennis skirt before would agree that it’s very comfortable apparel to walk around in and wear. The shortness and comfortability of these skirts allow players to easily make their racket swings and move around the court without any interference.

With the high mobility and swift movements this game requires, most female players wouldn’t want to wear something tight and lengthy. For freer swings and motions, most players prefer wearing underpants underneath the skirt to play unrestrictedly and smoothly without worrying about their skirt’s size. 

2. Fashionable

Although tennis skirts have been in fashion for more than 100 years, they’re still trendy attires. Today, these skirts come in many designs and color options for a feminine, modish and appealing look.

These skirts virtually looked similar during the ancient days, but this changed when more tennis skirts producers entered the market. With the many tennis skirt designs available today, any female tennis player can get the right choice regardless of her height or weight. 

The tennis skirts offer an uncomparable panache to that of shorts. Nowadays, even the top-ranked players prefer wearing skirts due to their undying fashion sense. In some parts of the world, men also wear these skirts. 

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For example, in Ireland wen have been putting on skirts for centuries to signify their culture. In tennis, skirts mainly represent the flexibility and freedom the game offers.

3. Uniqueness

Tennis is the only game that female players consistently wear skirts. These skirts make this sport unique. Generally, there’s no specific dress code for this game, but as you may have noticed, almost all female players wear skirts when participating in this sport. 

If you play other games apart from tennis, one day you can try wearing a skirt while in the field and observe the stares you’ll get. People will give you that dirty look because it’s not customary to wear a skirt in that particular game.

However, tennis fully embraces this apparel. While players from other sports may think skirts aren’t the best outfit for them, female tennis participants suggest that short tennis skirts are the most suitable attire for the tennis game.

Tennis Skirts History

The history of these skirts is rich and enthralling. Since tennis was introduced, most female players have been putting on skirts. However, over time, these skirts have changed in designs, colors, and lengths. 

Tennis skirts started getting shorter and famous in the 1920s when Suzanne Lenglen started to put on a short skirt, a headband, and a short sleeve on the court. Her move significantly inspired the tennis skirts evolution.

After that time, these skirts got shorter as days passed. During the 1980s and 1970s, people started to consider the skirts’ colors, and pro players made their looks more stylish and unique with more appealing tennis skirt colors and designs. 

However, some tennis teams prefer a similar color for their tennis apparel; for example, Wimbledon players wear white attires.

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Female players still wear skirts in today’s tennis game, and they rock in them. For example, the famous female player Serena Williams has tried several tennis skirt designs and looks, ranging from bulky to form-fitting outfits.

Skirts’ Future in Tennis

No statistics are showing the average number of female players wearing skirts. However, the numbers have been declining in the past years. Today, there are many apparel options for women tennis participants, explaining why the number of skirts users dwindles over time. 

Women now have more than one option and can go to tennis courts with even shorts and dresses designed to be comfortable and stylish like tennis skirts. However, while players are allowed to select what suits them most, many women still prefer skirts. 

Tennis skirts don’t seem to fall out of fashion any time soon. They’re a unique identity in tennis, and their advantages make them an essential outfit for the game. With today’s clothing technology, companies produce even more fashionable, comfy, and easy-to-wear skirts to suit all players.

Most women will still choose skirts due to the comfort and movement ease they provide players. Most celebrity players wear tennis skirts throughout their sporting careers. For example, Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams wear different tennis skirts designs and colors on courts. This trend is expected to continue for more years to come.

There is no specific rule indicating that female tennis players should put on short skirts. However, the benefits and fashion sense of tennis skirts make them ideal apparel for the sport. They are highly comfortable and allows women players to move freely on courts.

In tennis, players need to be more agile and mobile, and they can’t achieve this while in impeded outfits. Skirts make them more flexible to perform those swift racket motions. Skirts also allow easy temperature management, which is crucial for players since most tennis courts are outdoors.