Wooden tennis racquets

Are Wooden Tennis Racquets Any Good For Playing? (Pros and Cons)

For professional players who have more experience and have better control of whatever racquet they use, this is true.

But players of today would prefer to use modern rackets. If a two-player would compete where one will use the wooden racquet, and the other would use racquets made of synthetic materials, the one using the latter will have more advantage.

Wooden racquets can be fun to play with as it brings memories to those who have used it during the popularity of the wooden racquets, but there are only a few who will get caught playing with a wooden racquet nowadays. 

Yes, it has its edge for those who are training in hitting the ball in the center of the wooden racquet because of the small head size; you need to have a better technique in making sure that the ball will land in the middle of the racquet and not at the side of the handle. 

There are advantages and disadvantages seen with the use of a wooden racquet, such as

Advantages (Pros) of Playing Tennis With a Wooden Raquet

  • They consider it a great training tool. The player gets to practice their hitting accuracy. The head of the wooden racquet is 30 to 35% smaller than the newer racquets not made of wood. 
  • Those who are just training for the game have better grip after using a wooden tennis racquet. Because of the weight of this racquet, when the player transfers to using a modern racquet, they have more control over it. 
  • Great to play with, as you get to see the older techniques of players who are used to wooden racquets. They have a more relaxed play, and the speed of the entire match is different as well. 
  • A great tool to practice a player’s precision with their shots and the timing is trained as well. 
  • Learning to use a wooden racquet gives you more skills and training, and it benefits you by the time you need to use a different racquet. 
  • You can hone your timing and body movement better by learning from a wooden racquet first. 
  • Players have more ease using a synthetic tennis racquet after using a wooden racquet than those who have used the synthetic racquet first to transition to a wooden racquet. 
  • A wooden racquet will give you a more precise swing and strokes and help with your flaws in playing the game. 
  • Using a wooden racquet helps you gauge how far you have gone with the game or how good you really are. 
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Disadvantages (Cons) of Playing Tennis With a Wooden Tennis Racquet

  • Wood racquets are heavier. Because they made it of solid wood, it is expected to be heavier. This gives the player less power with it, as they will strain just by holding the racquet. But as they practice using it, they get used to the weight, and using different racquets that are lightweight will become easier. 
  • It has a small surface area that requires players to be more precise, so they can hit the ball. Although the player must have great timing, the racquet is important as well. 
  • It tends to slip from the player’s hands because of the handle where the player grip it.
  • Because of its heaviness, any player gets tired of holding it for long. 
  • Once you use a different type of racquet, you need to get used to a wooden racquet again. 
  • The higher tendency for the tennis ball to hit the wood. 

What Are The Different Materials Used For Tennis Racquets?

Metal Tennis Racquets

This type of racquet has been around since the late 1800s, but it did not gain much popularity at first, like the wooden rackets. It had its share of popularity as they pitted it against wooden ones. They make the head of the metal racquets to be twice the size of the wooden racquets.

Graphite Tennis Racquets

The first use of graphite rackets happened in the 80s where two outstanding tennis players used such racquets.

Manufacturers made the graphites lightweight for players to have a good grip, make good swings, and do an excellent shot. They trimmed the previous weight of graphite racquets from over 12 ounces down to only 7 ounces. 

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Considered much heavier than titanium and harder to swing, but once you practice its use, you can have increased power every time. 

This type is also ideal for those who are just beginners because of its manageable weight. Also, this racquet is affordable and has many color and design options. 

Composite Materials for Tennis Racquets

Materials used in making this racquet are fiberglass, Kevlar, and boron. These racquets became popular because of the lighter quality and outstanding performance. 

When these racquets are compared to wood or metal, the difference is in the ease of handling.

Users attest to the ease of use, giving them more power through swings. It is also stiffer that provides players great swing every time. These tennis racquets also transmit vibration easily. 

The advantage of composite materials over other materials of tennis racquets is its malleability that gives way to the manufacturer to make new designs as compared to wood. 

Considered more durable, and even when racquets made of composite materials are exposed to extremes in weather, they will not warp or expand like wood. 

Composite rackets have easy to replace the handle, and the frame is durable and has less risk of breakage while being used. 

Titanium Tennis Racquets

Has the same strength and stiffness as compared to graphite. But this type is more lightweight. It uses a lightweight material that can give players better control and terrific swing each time. 

However, the downside to this racquet is its price, and there are fewer selections in the market. They are considered premium quality, and you can also have a customized tennis racquet made of titanium that you can pair with your outstanding performance and ability. 

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With the proliferation of more advanced racquets in society, the age of wooden racquets is becoming a memory, although there are quite a few who are still keen on using it now and then.

The component of newer tennis racquets now allows players to make powerful shots and do their surprising serves as they feel that they have more reliable tennis racquets they can utilize.