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What Is The Best Golf Swing Training I Can Do In My Apartment?

Golf is a sport which requires lots and lots of practice. Even the best golf players in the world need to practice on a regular basis in order to improve their pitch and swing.

Also, just like any other sport out there, you tend to get out of touch when you do not play it for long periods of time.

Thus, it is important that you get as much practice as possible in order to get better at your game. However, there might be times when you are stuck in your home, unbale to get any such practice on the field.

But that is no excuse not to improve your game. 

Not being on the course is no excuse for not practicing when you have the time.

You can get just as much effective practice in your home as compared to being on the field, says golf expert Pete Cowen.

In times of the pandemic where golf courses are closed in most places, we have brought you some of the best practices and training you can perform from your own home.

Get better at your golf swing now with these tips and tricks from us. Read on to find out more. 

Golf Swing Training At Home

Some of these tips require you to use household items which you can find easily from your own home. All you need is some solid motivation and you are good to go!

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Improving Your Length And Line When Swinging

Grab a dinner plate or a side plate from the kitchen. If you do not have plates, a simple glass will do.

Arrange the plate in a corridor or in an area which has around 10 feet of unrestricted space.

Attempt to swing the ball in the center of the plate as many times as you can. You have just made yourself one of the simplest putting courses.

You can also try using the open end of a glass. However, this intensifies the game and also upgrades your skills.

If you find yourself managing to put it perfectly in the center, try increasing the distance between you and the plate.

Improving Your Swing Target

Get some plastic bottles and arrange them in the way one would arrange bowling pins. This is the beginner part of the practice.

Once you manage to hit the bottles with the ball, arrange the bottles in a single line and try to hit them off the ground with one solid swing.

This exercise helps to improve your eye coordination and also leads to an effective practice session at home. 

Shaping Golf Shots With The Help of a Cushion

A cushion is all you need at home to understand how shots move from left to right or from right to left.

Place the cushion on the ground in front of you. All you have to do now is swing your club in a such a way that the cushion rotates clockwise.

You can also try rotating the cushion anti clockwise. You will find out from this training that your forearm rotation plays a key role in the swing of the cushion.

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You will also notice that when you increase your forearm rotation upon impact, the cushion swings faster. 

Practice With a Broom To Improve Your Swing

One of the most common household items can actually help you to strengthen your muscles and improve your swing.

Get a broom and place your ball on the ground. Now hold the broom like you would hold a club and attempt to swing it, so that it comes in contact with the ball.

When you swing the broom, ensure that the bristles are touching the ground at all times. This helps you strengthen various muscles in your arms which help you hit a powerful swing. 

A variation to this exercise would to be to place the ball far away from you.

Now attempt to drag the broom across the ground till you hit the ball, while also ensuring that the bristles are in contact with the ground at all times.

This is a great exercise for improving your swing in general, just from your home. 

Using a Mirror To Perfect Your Technique

A mirror can come in great use when you want to improve your swinging technique.

When using a mirror, you hold your club in a way like you generally do. Now attempt to swing and watch your forearm and the movement of the club.

Try swinging in different angles and different forearm rotations until you find the one which suits you the most.

You can also check your grip on the club in this manner and ensure you have a solid and firm grip going. 

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Leg Exercises To Get That Perfect Motion

You can also try doing some leg workouts at home for improving your leg motion when you are swinging.

Some easy workouts include standing on one leg for as long as possible. This helps to improve your balance and posture.

You can also try swinging your legs back and forth, while standing on one leg and grabbing a door as a support.

This exercise helps to loosen and relax muscles in the quads and glutes areas, ensuring you have a form which is free flowing and relaxed. 

You can also try holding your club in front of you and then placing it on the ground, lift one leg up and bend it, while holding the club for support.

This is also a great exercise for improving balance and posture.

Try this for both legs. This exercise can be performed on the course too and soon you will find a noticeable difference in your put and swing. 

Thus, we can see that there is a lot which can be done from the comfort of your own home, when it comes to swing training for golf.

Some of these exercises require a few minutes of your time an d doing them periodically will ensure you get much better at your game, just from your home.