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What’s The Best Golf Tip You Have Ever Been Given? (10 Best Tips)

People who play the game of golf love playing it and love playing the game every chance they get. As with any game that people devote hours of practice to, people want to get better at the game.

When people want to get better at anything, they are open to hearing advice from anyone willing to give it. The thing with advice is what works for someone might not work for you.

If you ask someone: What’s the best golf tip you were ever given? You might get a bunch of different answers depending on whom you ask.

We’re going to go over multiple answers so if you were hoping to improve your golf game, you might find advice here that will improve your score the next time you go to the golf course.

Just Let Your Golf Swing Flow

Many people may have heard the expression: timing is everything. That remains true when you talk about a person’s golf swing.

Many players struggle with having a good golf swing and having the right amount of time pass by from beginning to end with their golf swing. If you don’t worry about how long your swing takes and you let the swing flow, it could reduce your score.

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The good thing about this advice is not all 100% swings flow so everybody could use this advice.

When You Swing – Keep Your Head Down

You can’t focus on having a good shot if you are paying attention to where you expect your shot to go.

Too many people aren’t focusing on the ball when they swing and you need to concentrate on the ball to get a good swing whether you are hoping for a long drive or a short putt.

So when you are swinging, don’t look up until after you have hit the ball.

Don’t Psych Yourself Out

Many people when they start thinking about their shot, people think about how they are going to miss that shot.

You need to focus but you also need to eliminate the thoughts where you are telling yourself the next shot is going to be bad.

If those thoughts enter your mind before a shot, you have to get rid of those thoughts before you swing.

Don’t Let Your Thoughts Defeat You

If you want the ball to go into the hole, you have to imagine watching yourself hit the ball into the hole successfully.

If you imagine yourself coming close to the target then that is how you will perform when you hit the ball.

If It Doesn’t Happen At First – Keep Imagining

This is related to the previous tip. Let’s say you imagined yourself hitting the ball into the hole and it doesn’t happen the whole day until you were very close to the hole.

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Just because it doesn’t work on the first day doesn’t mean the advice won’t work next time.

If you always see yourself hitting the ball, your confidence will grow and you will play as well as you saw yourself so don’t give up on the previous tip too early.

A Bad Performance Isn’t The End Of The World

So you go to play a game of golf with friends and you have a horrible showing. If you’re not a professional then don’t worry about it.

Let that bad performance roll off your back. Remember the things you have in life like home to go to, a family that loves you, a job where you make enough money to support yourself and your family.

You’ll realize a bad performance on the golf course is pretty minimal when you look at the world. If you have an off day, your next game, you might be on fire so forget about a single bad experience.

Don’t Swing So Hard On A Windy Day

When you are playing on a windy day, you don’t have to swing so hard. Keep in mind that the wind will dictate how far your ball will go.

If you hit the ball hard on a windy day, it could go in a direction that you didn’t want it to.

Normally it’s best to play during nice days but if you hit the golf course on a windy day, it’s the wrong day to work on your power swing.

If You See Something Wrong – Say Something Even If You’re Not Sure

Usually, you don’t have to worry about this when you are playing with friends. However, if you see another playing doing something questionable then don’t be afraid to bring it to the attention of everyone.

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Anyone who has played after seeing something questionable and lost always thinks what they saw cost them in some way.

If you call something out and you happen to be wrong, you could always apologize.

Aim For The Target

When someone throws a dart or shoots an arrow, they are trying to hit the bulls-eye. You should do the same when you play golf.

If you aim to get the ball near the hole then you will get your ball near the hole. Since golf isn’t horseshoes or hand grenades then it doesn’t matter if you get the ball close to the hole.

You want to get your ball in the hole.

If Things Aren’t Going Your Way – Take A Minute To Recollect Yourself

When you watch players hit the ball in the hole, how many players achieve that when they are frustrated and swinging with everything they got? I don’t think many people are successful when they play like that. So if you find yourself playing worse because of frustration, take a moment to take a few deep breaths. Rest for a moment and recollect your thoughts until you can approach your shot while in a calm state of mind. Other games have time-outs so why can’t you take one if you need one?

When you are talking about the best tip for people who like to play golf, it’s going to be subjective based on whom you ask. Everybody has their skill level and plays with their handicap.

Some people are better at putting. So no one is going to agree on the best tip to receive when playing golf. But all these tips could be valuable to golf players.

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