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Why Are Golf Club Drivers So Expensive And Are They Worth it?

Playing golf is one of the most satisfying and enjoyable activities worldwide. To enjoy this game maximally, you need the proper golfing etiquette, skills, and golf clubs.

Today, accessing golf clubs isn’t so hard today as many companies are developing as the game is getting popular and preferred by many people today.

However, golf clubs price has been rapidly shooting over the past several years, and this aspect is putting off more golf aspirants.

It can make you wonder if expensive golf clubs are actually worth the investment or the companies producing these clubs are overcharging because it’s easy to get away with it? 

What makes golf club drivers so expensive is a significant concern to many current and soon-to-be golf players.

This article discusses the various reasons why golf clubs and drivers are pricy, the average price for good golf drivers, and whether it’s worthwhile to invest in expensive golf club drivers.

Reasons Why Golf Club Drivers Are Expensive

Golf club companies charge highly for their equipment for myriad reasons. Some of these reasons include;

1. High marketing Costs

Although golf is an enjoyable game and has a large audience, there are fewer hardcore golfers. Generally, only true golfers can be interested in new features and enhanced golf drives and clubs. Most average golfers tend to be dedicated more to the golf sport itself, not its products and accessories. 

Therefore, for companies to more customers to buy their golf clubs, they have to spend a tremendous amount of money for effective marketing. 

To recoup their marketing investment, these companies will have to sell their equipment at higher prices. 

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2. Type of material used

Materials used to make golf club drivers can significantly influence their prices. For example, graphite golf clubs are usually costlier than steel clubs since graphite isn’t heavy like steel. Such clubs are more flexible, allowing you to make a better strike.

Besides weight, using clubs made from graphite produces less vibration, reducing shoulder and arm pain. 

It’s easier to make longer shorts with graphite clubs. However, nothing good comes cheaply. It’ll cost you to enjoy all these benefits, which is graphite golf clubs are more expensive. Usually, graphite clubs are about 50-100% more costly.

Golf drivers made from titanium are more expensive because titanium costs more than steel and is lightweight. The lightweight structure of titanium makes it an excellent choice for drivers. 

3. Design and engineering process used

A golf club’s design can significantly affect its effectiveness. Well-engineered and designed golf club drivers cost higher because they require more time, high-end resources, expertise, and effort to create them and offer a better experience.

About ten years ago, most golf clubs and drivers almost resembled each other. Today, there are very fancy and efficient drivers, and most golfers are buying them. Such improvements highly affect the price of these drivers and clubs.

Closed-faced drivers are usually a great option for players with persistent slice problems since they can improve their game performance incredibly. Other good drivers allow face and clubhead weight adjustment depending on user preference for a better experience.

 4. Improved performance

Expensive drivers and clubs are developed to perform better and offer a premium golfing experience to its users. For example, increase precision, make more protracted strikes, and reduce arm/shoulder pain. Such equipment doesn’t come cheaply; you’ll pay more for it.

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5. Created to last longer

Most expensive clubs are designed to last longer, including golf drivers. A well-developed club can last for about 10-15 years.

Woods and drivers usually wear off first, with an average lifespan of about 2-7 years. 

Putters and iron usually last the longest, for over ten years. Hence, you should be very careful about which type of clubs and drivers you select.

Check their kind of material, build, and performance to ensure they’re worth your investment.

How Much Does a Good Golf Driver Cost?

Most new golfers tend to borrow or rent golf clubs when they feel like playing. Some avoid buying their golf club set due to their high prices, but in the long run, you’ll realize owning your set is more economical than renting it unless you’re planning to play only once or twice.

Sometimes, you might find all the clubs are already rented out, which can be pretty inconvenient. Playing with different golf clubs can also affect your golfing skills since you have to be accustomed to them first. Hence it’s advisable to have your set.

But how much do good golf clubs cost? Are they affordable? Below is a brief overview of the average cost for god golf club drivers;

New gold club drivers cost approximately $200-$600 depending on the manufacturer, type of material used, gender, and the golfer’s age. Kids golf drivers are usually less expensive than adult drivers and clubs.

The type of hand you use for playing golf can affect a club’s price. Golf clubs meant for left-handed individuals are slightly inexpensive than those designed for right-handed people.

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A good kids golf driver costs about $73 for left-handed kids and $91 for right-handed kids. For women, it cost $293 for left-handed individuals and $315 for right-handed women. For men, it’s approximately $354. 

The price of other golf club types can affect the cost of a complete set of golf clubs, with irons and drivers being the most expensive club types.

Are Expensive Drivers Worth It? 

Yes, expensive drivers are worthwhile, but only if you’ll use them maximally. For an established golfer, getting an expensive and well-built driver can significantly improve your game and experience. But for starters, it might not be worth it.

Most starters take time to perfect in golfing, and probably by the time they master the game well; they’d have outgrown the older clubs.

It’s also hard to appreciate the extra features, quality, and performance of enhanced golf club drivers as a beginner. 

As a new golfer, it’s advisable to invest more in lessons before thinking of getting an expensive club. Either way, an appropriate and well-built driver is crucial for a better golfing experience.

Most good drivers are made from robust and light materials and equipped with more sophisticated features to improve performance and experience. 

Expensive golf drivers can significantly improve your golfing experience and performance. One excellent strategy to enhancing your driver’s performance is replacing its shaft with a better one.

Although this approach can be costly, it has an array of benefits that make it worthwhile.