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Are Triathlon Bikes Good For Long Distance?

Triathlon bikes can go fast and it offers the rider a more aggressive riding position, Tri-bike having a more aerodynamic quality, as compared to the usual road bike.

They manufacture the triathlon bike with a much larger seat tube angle, which is between 76 to 78 degrees, while the road bike has 72 degrees angle.

Since triathlon bikes can go faster, assuming you are just running a straight line during the triathlon bike race. It is not ideal for long-distance use cause it is quite uncomfortable for the rider because of the position you have to be in to run the bike.

The difference Between Ordinary Bikes From Triathlon Bikes

Triathlon Bikes

  • They make these bikes to run short distances
  • Tri-bikes are heavier compared to road bikes
  • Triathlon bikes are also difficult to control or maneuver during the winter, so it has less versatility
  • Another difference is its steep price as compared to an ordinary road bike
  • It has bullhorn-style bars that require the user to lower their body and head into an aerodynamic position, while this may be a bit uncomfortable in the back and the waist, the only thing you can do is to rest your elbows on the handlebar while in the race.
  • Tri-bikes do well on flat surfaces.
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Ordinary Road Bikes

  • They fit road bikes with skinny tires, and their frame is ideal for road riding.
  • It can be used both for rough or smooth pavements.
  • Considered comfortable for long-distance use, without feeling back pain and discomfort.
  • Road bikes are more versatile and are lightweight as compared to Tri-bikes. This also makes it possible for steep climbs.
  • They are also easy to maneuver because of the weight.
  • They manufacture road bikes with drop handlebars, which also helps in simple control of the bike cause with road bikes, steering is effortless, and so is using the brakes.

Advantages of Triathlon bikes

  • They are made to run fast since they are engineered for speed, the drag factor is also less with this bike.
  • With triathlon bikes, the quad muscles are not too strained and are protected from exhaustion while pedaling, so it saves muscle strength for running after.
  • Tri-bikes are made lighter so riders can maneuver and control them without too much force or energy.
  • With Tri-bikes, the transition from from cycling to running is simpler.
  • The aerodynamic quality of every triathlon bike is another of its advantage since riders can make it run fast as each Tri-bikes are tested for efficiency and speed.
  • There are also storage features included in triathlon bikes, as the rider can have access to their water bottles and tools during the race. This gives the rider an advantage over those who are not using a Tri-bike during the race.

Do You Need To Have A Triathlon Bike As You Compete Or Can You Use Any Bike?

Having a triathlon bike will depend on factors such as:

  • Will you be joining a future triathlon race, or will it be just a one or two-time thing? If this is not a frequent activity you will do, then the bike you have, whether a mountain bike or a road bike, can be used. However, if you have plans of joining future races, you may have to consider buying a triathlon bike.
  • What are your cycling needs? Will you just be using the bike for a triathlon, or will you also go on a steep cycle ride, then a triathlon bike may not be your option.
  • Will you be doing long-distance cycling? If you are going to do long-distance cycling every weekend with friends or yourself, it may not be ideal to have a triathlon bike cause you will need comfort while using your bike for long-distance.
  • Are you going to use the bike on flat terrain, or for mountain climbs? Road bikes are better for steep climbing, so a triathlon bike may not be the best fit for this purpose.
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You can use road bikes for the first few races.

If you are using your road bike for the triathlon, you can also modify the frame, and it may require you to experiment until you get the hang of the bike that fits the activity you will do for a long time.

Are you after the versatility or speed? If you need to use your bike for a short distance and require it to run faster, a triathlon bike should be your choice, but if you want a more versatile bike, you can further use it after the triathlon race, you will benefit more from a road bike.

What To Consider When Buying A Triathlon Bike?

Frame. The pricing of the bike will depend on what frame they use during its manufacture. A triathlon bike frame can be in carbon fiber, aluminum, and titanium. The difference you will notice is in the weight, and it will depend on what frame, is used.

Fit. You need to make sure that the bike fits you and will not be uncomfortable during the race. A bike that will not stretch your energy while you are pedaling. Various brands will offer you different builds and angles, so you have to be doubly sure that it fits you perfectly.

Other components. This completes the triathlon bike, such as the bike saddle, pedal, wheels, and such. Some components you can swap for a better piece so you can buy an entry-level triathlon bike for now, and once you have the budget, you can upgrade the other components to your liking.

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Price. If you have the budget to go all out and buy the best triathlon bike, this is up to you. But if that is not the case, you can check for second-hand bikes that are still in good working condition. However, you need to check all the significant details of the bike, (bike parts) before your purchase. See that the brakes, rims, cables, and shifters are all performing nicely. Tires and seat you can replace for a newer model after.

Of course, you need to double-check the frames cause you need them in good shape. Check for bents, cracks, corrosion or rusting this is what you should decline at the first sign.

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