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What Type Of Pedals Are Best For Triathlon? (3 Types Compared)

Cycling enthusiasts are very much aware of triathlon. So, they know how necessary it is to have pedals, a good handlebar and saddle as well. If you are a cyclist then, you should know the fact that your choice of pedals will affect your cycling power, endurance and movement as well.

So, you need to choose the best kind of pedals. You need to keep it in your mind that your movement should be between the run and bike. So, it is essential to determine your shoe choices.

Your choice of pedals and shoes affect how you approach transition and your cycling movement. So, your pedal choice is very much essential to keep your moving flexible. 

Pedal choice determines your performance, comfortability and your confidence as well. It will give you the worst performance if you make any wrong choice. There are three common types of pedal choices that you should know about:

  1. Flat type pedal or flat with a strap of the toe
  2. Clipless system pedal for mountain type
  3. Clipless system pedal for road style

Lets’ discuss these types of pedals. Let’s look at which pedal will work better and offer you more comfort and ease. 

1. Flat Pedal With Toe Strap or Without Toe Strap

If you are new and a novice in the world of triathlon then, you should go with this type of pedal. It is good and beneficial for you if your bike already has this type of pedal. But it is true that professionals are not using this type of pedal.

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Elite professionals and triathletes are not using this pedal. But this pedal will offer you a wide range of advantages. These are such as follows:

  • These kinds of pedals are cheap and reasonable. Most of the bikes are shipped and delivered with this type of pedal. 
  • You can ride with any kind of shoes. You do not need to buy any specific shoe for cycling. The strap will help you to keep your foot stable and you can move effortlessly. 
  • It is very much simple to put a foot down on the ground. If you are a novice then, you must face this kind of lack of confidence. 

As you can see, it is a perfect choice for beginners. So, if you are a novice triathlete then, it is a fantastic choice. At first, you need to gain some confidence and for that, you can go with this flat pedal choice. 

2. Mountain Style Clipless Pedals

You may think that mountain style clipless pedals are no use for the triathlon sport. But mountain style clipless pedals are also perfect for road-based events. For the mountain bikes, specific types of pedals and cleats are designed.

These are specially designed for avoiding clogs and muds. It is beneficial for the riders who want to keep their foot down at the time of need. So, many road riders choose this mountain style clipless pedal. You can get so many options in the market. The benefits of this pedal are such as follows:

  • A tiny metal cleat is attached there with the bottom of the rider’s shoe. 
  • Cleats are fixed within the sole of the shoes. So, it is easy for the riders to walk. 
  • Cleats also have two holes. So, it is attached and fixed with two bolts. 
  • You will get the pedals double-sided. You can access your regardless pedal position. 
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This type of pedal will help the riders a lot other than any kinds of pedals. 

  • You can keep your feet at the perfect place and it will ensure your endurance and increase your confidence as well. It improves your power and reduces the chances of injuries. 
  • The rider can keep their feet always in the same position. 
  • Double-sided pedals are easy and comfortable for the rider.

So, it is one of the most recommended bicycle pedals for the triathletes and road riders. The perfect choice will improve the efficiency of the rider. 

3. Road Style Clipless System Pedal:

Most of the triathletes use this style of clipless system pedal. If you want to buy this type of pedal then, you will have to check the advantages of this clipless road style pedal. Here are some benefits of this kind of pedal that you need to check:

  • The rider will get a large size plastic cleat. It is attached to the bottom of the rider’s shoe. 
  • Cleats have three hoes and it is easy to fix with three bolts. Apart from this, you can get the four-bolt lollipop style system. 
  • These pedals are single-sided. So, you can flip the pedal as per your choice and comfort. 

This type of clipless pedal will help you a lot to move effortlessly. This is one of the popular choices among triathletes. This kind of pedal will give the rider so many benefits compared to other types of pedals. These advantages are such as follows:

  • It will ensure you maximum efficiency and power as well. 
  • You can get so much comfort. 
  • You can keep your feet secured at the place. 
  • It ensures your safety, efficiency and also reduces the injury potentials. 
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The triathlete cannot ride safely without their proper gadgets. So, a road style pedal is a perfect choice for the triathletes. You need to choose this kind of system.

This is the most affordable and comfortable one. So, you have already got the idea about different types of pedals. You can choose as per your comfortability. If you want to go on racing then, road style pedals are one of the best choices.

Apart from this, a mountain style pedal is one of the best choices if you want to select a more sensible option. Above all, each pedal is adjustable.

So, you need to choose a pedal that will ensure your choice and offer you more flexibility as well.

You can adjust your pedal anywhere on the road. You will have to choose the best model of pedals. Most of the pedals are manufactured with the same mechanism but the materials used in it are different and varied.

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