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Can Anyone Learn To Enjoy Running?

Running seems to be that one workout that either everyone or no one wants to get into. It’s sweaty, it’s exhausting and gives you that familiar speedy heart pump you get when you haven’t worked out in a while, which is not typically a good feeling for people.

It’s a slower mode of losing weight but it doesn’t also require you to work too hard. You aren’t stuck using a multitude of workout equipment or forced to use your own body as weight.

Running has so many benefits and detractors that people either love it or hate it. So can anyone really grow to love running as time passes?

The Detractors Of Running

In order to identify whether anyone can learn to love running, we have to look at the negatives as well as the positives to get a broader view of why someone would not want to take up running, and if these things aren’t really deterrents of people looking to take up the sport.

Susceptibility To Injury

With how repetitive it can be and only using the same muscles and bones, the participant is more prone to injuring themselves in the areas they use the most, namely the leg muscles, bones, knee joints. Injuries are predicaments that happen often with frequent runners of marathons and races. Finding out who is, was and is recovering from an injury is common banter among runners. 

Pain – Is It Painful To Run?

Yes. It’s no secret that when taking up running, you’re going to experience a lot of pain concentrated in one place. Your feet will be painful and you’ll develop thick callouses.

This may be a problem from people that work retail jobs that require them to stand for the majority of their day. For some, it can be an issue of vanity because of the abuse running will deal on your feet overtime.

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No Tangible Goal

Unlike in any other sport, running has a point: running to get to home base, running to get the ball into the goal, running to catch up to the shuttlecock, running to score a basket and so many more.

Running by itself just seems like a task you just have to do. Goals are more increasing mileage and intensifying the experience for yourself.

Inadequate Distraction

Most sports have goals, have ways to score and have ways wherein you could get disqualified, therefore while you are exerting effort, your mind is focused elsewhere other than the fatigue you are accumulating. Running offers no distractions,

Running Is Not For Asthmatics

A sure deterrent is if the person considering taking up this hobby is asthmatic. Better training options for asthmatics would be weight, body or resistance training.

Muscle Imbalance

Because running is so focused on your lower half, runners often have toned definition in their legs and lower halves, but have no strength if any above the waist. This will be an obvious difference of muscle definition if observed through the lens of vanity.

Running can be addictive

Well, this can certainly be both a good and a bad thing. Running is addictive. It is a good enough way to manage one’s weight and it improves your mood. If this addiction isn’t checked, it can lead to over exertion from requiring more of a challenge, thus increasing the mileage one can stomach.

On the other hand this addiction – if handled properly – can also be good to help you stay in shape and keep your training consistent.

Why Running Is Attractive To So Many People

Here are the positive points to running and why some people love this activity and favor it above other modes of exercise.

Strong Joints

Running improves the strength of your muscles and joints because of conditioning. If done in a balanced way, this can be very beneficial down the line.

Meditative Experience

Running may not have a point or a tangible goal, but that may be exactly why some people prefer running. It can be a positive experience for those seeking a meditative way to center themselves before they go into work or even after. While adrenaline junkies prefer high impact sports such as football, some people just need a peaceful way to get fit but also wind down.

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Not So Boring

Running does not have to be boring as long as you take the time to plan out new routes in the outdoors and take new paths off road. The exploration is what counts when you map out your run .

Running can improve your posture

Running also targets your back, arms and shoulders as they are engaged all at the same time. They may not build mass as your leg muscles will but the bones in those areas are still strengthened and benefit overtime.

Benefints To The Cardiovascular System

Perhaps the main reason people take up running is the fact that this work out option strengthens your cardiovascular system, your heart and it also improves your resistance to infection. This main draw is why people looking to improve their heart health turn to running.

Good Addictive

Like I already mentioned above. Running is addictive, but it is pretty clear why. Running is a good way to lose weight sustainably and in a balanced fashion, and when used therapeutically, running can serve as a great meditative option for calming one’s nerves and improving mental and emotional health. This is probably why people come back to and miss it every time.

How Do You Come To Enjoy Running?

If you are someone that’s hesitant to get into running or is currently participating but deems the negatives too great to ignore, but you do like the benefits, here are ways you can lessen the negatives so you can turn running into a positive experience that you can grow to love.

Get Propeer Running Gear

This means the colorful clothes, the running shoes, the smart watch, all things that can improve your relationship with running and will get you excited to be out there.

Running Shoes

Get the best running shoes made to deal with the trials of running, preferably shoes that have great shock absorption, so your feet and joints aren’t taking all of the beating and that there is a buffer there to soften the blow.


If you go around the same block everyday, you will grow to hate running, because the same place everyday will only make you feel as though there is no goal or point to it.

Find new routes and go off road to get inspired by the sights and sounds of the outdoors. You will benefit from this mentally and emotionally. This can soothe you but simultaneously improve your focus.

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Enlist Friends

Taking your friends out with you for a job can improve the way you feel about running. Instead of feeling icky, sweaty and exhausted, you will see exercise as a great way to enjoy one another’s company. Seeing your friends in the same state as you can also improve how you see or feel about yourself during your journey.

Upper Body

Getting negative associations for running will inevitably occur if it’s the only physical activity you partake in. Balance the muscle progression of your upper body so as to maintain all of your muscles and bones. Varying your physical activity will have you missing partaking in runs instead of resenting it. Your upper body will thank you for it, too.

Flexibility Training

You are bound to hate running if you sustain injuries. Make sure you are balanced and well rounded. Participate in flexibility training that will minimize your risk of getting injured since this is one of the biggest draw backs that have potential runners turned off to the activity.

Keep Your Training Balanced

Any sport can feel like a chore if you overdo it. It will take a toll on you mentally and emotionally if you overdo any physical activity and you’ll end up exercising out of spite. Make sure that you aren’t pushing yourself too hard since your body needs breaks and can only handle so much depending on your fitness level. Nothing is worth risking your heart health, and overdoing running can ruin that.

Gradual Growth

Growth of any sort is gradual and happens overtime. Forcing grandiose goals upon yourself that you cannot currently handle can negatively impact how you feel about running. Set reachable and rational goals.

Just Walk Until You Feel Comfortable Running

Walk until you feel you’re ready to run. It’s all about conditioning and when you feel ready. Running is often very dependent on our mood and how we feel towards it. Employ a smart watch or a phone and set a timer to tell you when you should just walk and when you should. Setting a pace won’t leave you feeling pressured or forced.

Catch Your Breath

Being patient with your body is incredibly important. There is no shame in stopping temporarily to catch your breath. We all know that feeling when your chest feels tight, your ears are ringing and you feel nauseated. Knowing how much you can withstand is responsible and smart. If you feel like you can go again, do so, but observe yourself.

Add Music When You Run To Stay Motivated

There’s a reason why movies use music for epic movie moments. Music is compelling, it can be inspiring. It can give you the momentum you need when you just don’t have it in you. Playing music can help you turn running into a positive experience. It can serve as your min distraction as well as your timing for when to run and walk, giving you a natural rhythm. 

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