Badminton and table tennis rackets

Badminton Vs Table Tennis: More Different Than They Seem

As much as these two racket sports sound alike, there are major differences between badminton and table tennis. From equipment to scoring system, we will break down the differences between these two sporting events.

There are many similarities between the two games, but there are also some very distinct differences. They both require a net, racquet, and ball to play; however badminton requires a court and table tennis does not.

It’s important to make these distinctions, especially if you want to get into these games. Knowing the contrast between badminton and table tennis can help you determine which sport you want to play. It’s also a good idea to know which is which when you are going to participate in these events (either as an audience, a player, a judge, or a referee.)

Without further ado, let’s tackle the differences and similarities between badminton and table tennis.

What Makes Badminton Different From Table Tennis?

Let’s start this smackdown by differentiating these two events.

While they both are in the same racket sports family, badminton and table tennis are not the same sports. They have unique rules, tools, and play styles that differ from one another. Once you know what makes each sport stand out, you can easily determine which is which.

So let’s talk about what makes these two so different.

The Playing Field in Each Game

This is one of the biggest differences between the two sporting events. Yes, both badminton and table tennis requires a net net to play. But how the field is set up is when things start to change.

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A badminton court is different from table tennis table. In badminton, players can freely move on a 20 feet wide and 17-22 feet long area. The net is also significantly higher. Meanwhile, table tennis players are limited to playing on a table. Each player has a 5 feet wide and 4 1/2 feet long play area. A table tennis court looks like a sized-down lawn tennis court, complete with a net.

Badminton Equipment Vs Table Tennis Equipment

Another key difference between badminton and table tennis is the equipment. In Badminton you use rackets that are actually called “racquets.” The racquet has a long handle, with an oval shaped head made of cork or rubber on one side and lace on the other end.

A badminton racket also weighs less as it must be swung faster than a table tennis paddle for optimal shot strength. Finally, badminton courts allow more room for shots so you need that extra power from your arm swing

Badminton rackets looks very different from table tennis rackets. A badminton racket looks like a typical lawn tennis racket, but it is significantly lighter. It weighs only 2 to 3 ounces, and it can easily be held in one hand. On the other hand, a table tennis racket is a wooden paddle with a rubber cover on each side. Players can also only hold it with one hand.

The balls are also very different. Badminton players don’t use a traditional ball. Instead, they use a shuttlecock. It is a cone-shaped projectile that has a cork head and a feathered tail. Meanwhile, table tennis players use a 2.7gram plastic ball when they play.

Rules and Scoring in Table Tennis Compared to Badminton

Now let’s talk about rules and scoring. Both games require players to reach a certain amount of points. However, how much they need and how they reach it is very much, again, different.

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For badminton, players play for two rounds, and a winner requires 21 points. To play, an athlete serves the shuttlecock into the air, and the opponent needs to hit it back. This back and forth continues until the shuttlecock falls into one of the players’ court. If your opponent fails to hit the shuttlecock, and it lands inside their court, then you earn a point. However, a shuttlecock landing outside the court gives your opponent a point. Whoever wins a point gets to be the next server.

In a table tennis match, players play for four rounds, and a winner needs 11 points. Unlike badminton, the ball needs to bounce on the opponent’s court. Players need to hit the ball before it bounces twice or before it falls off the table. If your opponent fails to do either, you earn a point. Serving is done alternatively after every two points, regardless of who wins.

Similarities Between Badminton and Table Tennis

Both badminton and table tennis have contrasting rules and expectations. But even then, they still share some similarities. Here is where both of them crossover.

Both badminton and table tennis are indoor sports. While casual badminton games are played outside, official matches are played indoors. This is to avoid environmental factors such as wind. Table tennis is also reserved for indoor play since it only requires a small space.

We’re referring to the basic principle of both sports. On paper, both sports require two or more people to hit an object back and forth using a racket. If you look at badminton and table tennis without the rules, then yes, they are essentially the same game.

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Finally, both sports require players to be quick on their feet and eyes. Badminton and table tennis are all about speed and reflexes. Athletes are required to pay attention to the projectile that their opponents are throwing. Both games require a lot of fast-paced movement and short reaction time.

Which Sport Is Best For You – Badminton or Table Tennis?

Badminton and table tennis are unique sports with their own play style and system. While they do share certain qualities, they are still distinct enough to be their own sport.

Badminton and table tennis are great racket sports that you can try today. While they are significantly different from one another, they do share one thing in common: Anybody can pick up a racket and start playing.

Both badminton and table tennis have different courts, sets of equipment, and rules. While badminton players are free to run in their court area, table tennis players are stationary behind their table. Their rackets and balls are also different in appearance and use.

But with that said, both sports play essentially the same. They’re both sporting events with two or more players trying to hit a ball back and forth. And each time a player fails to do so, their opponent gains a point. And the one who has the most points win.

Whether you want to play badminton or table tennis, keep in mind that both sports require agility and focus. Both sports require you to move as fast as you can on the field. You’ll also need to pay attention to where your ball is flying to.