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Why Is Bowling So Expensive? Here Is Why It Doesn’t Have To Be

Bowling is fun and exciting to those who are lovers of the game. It is simple to learn and up to 4 or 5 players can play a round of bowling together at any given time. There are no complicated rules one has to learn like in many other games.

Bowling can be expensive because you need a lot of equipment. If you want to take bowling seriously you will need to spend a lot of money on equipment, including bowling ball, shoes, bags, bowling ball towel, shirt, gloves, power grip sack, wrist guards, towel, and bowling tape.

If you plan on playing seriously, you will probably need to spend quite a large amount to get all the necessary equipment.

On the other hand it does not need to be so expensive if you are just casually playing for fun and relaxation.

How Expensive is Bowling?

Bowling is a great sport for everyone! The game itself can get expensive but only if you want to play it seriously or all the time. If not, then just go when your friends are around and have some fun on Saturday nights or over holidays with family nearby.

Here is a breakdown of most of the different costs of bowling.

Bowling Ball

Since this is the main equipment that any bowler will need, they sometimes customized this according to the player’s preference. When competitive players decide to go serious, and all out on the game, they will probably shell out anywhere between $50 to a hundred or more.

The price will also increase depending on the request with the design, grip, and pattern.

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Bowling Shoes

A player may not wear the usual shoes that people often wear outside, but bowlers must have bowling shoes to wear while playing this game. They require the right shoes because they are safer to use in the bowling lanes.

Bowling lanes can be slippery, and when you are carrying the bowling ball, you need to have a steady balance to release the ball perfectly.

Bowling shoes can be purchased at a price ranging between $70 to $200 and up. Although you can rent bowling shoes, they can add up eventually. If you have your shoes, you can use them every time you need to play the game.

Bowling Shirt

For professional bowlers having a shirt to wear when bowling makes them feel they belong to a competitive sports. Some teams may even have shirts for members, and this will also cost the players.

It may just cost a bit, but it is also possible to just wear shirts of the same color as their team, it will depend on the rules the team follows.

Bowling Bag

The bowling bag is for serious bowlers who would like to carry their stuff around and things they will need while playing the game. They are more at ease using this bag since it can hold quite a few items and not just bowling balls but the rest of the equipment that the bowler will need.

It can cost anywhere between $20 to $50, where some may cost more. Though some players want to lug around their equipment with any bag they can get their hands on, professional players prefer a bowling bag.

Bowling Lane Rental

This is where the additional costs will surely come from cause the bowling lane is the playing surface for this sport. Players will need to rent the space in bowling alleys, although there are bowling alleys that will charge less if there is a league where players meet same time every week. Bowling alley owners will give a discount for such.

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Also, there are bowling alleys that are not just standard alleys but built to serve as luxury entertainment centers. These alleys are no longer the basic bowling centers where novice or professional bowlers come to for a great time but rather a place where not only is it a space for bowling but other luxurious activities.

League Cost

Being a part of a bowling league can help good bowlers be part of a team and enjoy using a bowling alley at a discounted rate. It may be true, but once you include the food and other expenses, you can pay anywhere between $30 to $40 each time you take part in the league. 

If the participants are all good friends, this may lead to frequent drinking, eating, and even betting, and if there is a discount included in a bowling league, the other expenses will be the ones you should worry about.

Players like to have it all when playing this sport. They want to go all out and buy the things they need so they will look more professional. Some things they also invest in include.

Bowling Gloves

It gives bowlers a good grip on the ball and further supports their hands and wrist while carrying it. Carrying the bowling ball can be strenuous for the wrist, and bowling gloves help in this aspect.

There are various designs and types of gloves that bowlers can choose from, and the price range is between $10 to $60 or even higher.

Bowling Towel

A bowling towel will help a player wipe off sweat during a play. It is useful for bowlers cause it adds to their comfort, and it is easy to bring inside their bag since it is lightweight. It may not be an expensive purchase, but some players make sure they have this item in their bag. Buying a bowling towel may even cost less than a dollar, but it is a huge help for bowlers. 

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Bowling Wrist Support

Helps limit the wrist movement and keeps the bowling consistent. It gives the bowler an accurate delivery with their bowling ball every time they release it. Players can choose between adjustable and non-adjustable wrist support, and they must try as many as possible to see which one fits them the most. Price can range between $15 to $70 or even more.

It will still depend on how one player sees it. Some players may see it as expensive, while others see the pleasure they will get out of the game instead of the costs.

Bowling has always been a popular pastime for families and friends. But as we all know, the world of entertainment is expensive these days. So why does bowling seem to be so much pricier than other similar activities?

For one thing, bowling alleys are more likely to charge for shoe rentals or ball purchases on top of admission fees. And then there’s the cost of food at some venues that can make your wallet sadder still!

The most expensive parts of bowling are for serious players. Most casual players do not need to get expensive equipement or memberships, though – so what are you waiting for? Get out have fun with family and friends in the bowling alley.