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Does Playing Badminton Reduce Belly Fat? We asked a pro

The journey to losing weight can be long, challenging, and frustrating. Badminton players do question the viability of using badminton as a tool of losing weight. This article explores one of the ways of achieving weight loss objectives, playing badminton.

Badminton can help you to lose weight and reduce belly fat. If you play badminton a couple of times every week, you are going to burn upto 480 calories.

When you are playing badminton, you are using all the body muscles making it an effective solution to weight loss. Most importantly, badminton helps you lose weight in a short amount of time.

Can Badminton Help You to Lose Weight

It is not uncommon to find individuals reaching a weight loss plateau, and this comes with disillusionment due to lack of progress. Such a time can be counter-productive to the efforts of losing weight, and thus, and some can even start gaining weight again.

When reaching a weight plateau badminton can help you lose weight. Badminton can give you the enthusiasm that is required if you are going to kick-start your weight loss efforts.

The advantage with playing badminton for weight loss, when compared to other alternatives such as going to the gym, is that badminton is fun and exciting. In addition to that, one is not going to have much lethargy after playing the game. Activities such as swinging are fan by the end of the day.

Through playing badminton, you are going to increase your stamina and level of endurance. Moreover, badminton requires a high level of concentration, and consequently, it is going to enhance sharp thinking. In connection to this, it increases agility.

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Unlike some sports which are complex, badminton is an easy sport to learn. One needs basic instructions to start enjoying the game, and it is not difficult to play at the level of an expert. Even in the case you do not have much space, you can still enjoy the game without a court. Perhaps, the only more popular sport in the world is soccer.

Does Badminton Burn Fat?

Badminton can help you burn fat. The game is categorized as an acrobatic game and thus, it is a good workout on the muscle. Badminton activities which help in burning of fat include the use of shoulders, arms, and muscles. The more you play the game, the more flexible you become, and therefore, the higher the chance of burning fat.

The amount of fat that you burn through playing badminton depends on how intense the play is. It is estimated that a 200 pound individual could shed 544 calories. Similarly, a 120 pound individual could shed 327 calories. Other factors which determine how much fat one burns include the weight of a person, the metabolism of the body, the atmospheric conditions, one’s age, and the body type.

If you are able to play badminton as a competitive game, then the better for your weight loss objectives. This is because being in a competition will push you to perform better, and by default, you are going to burn more calories. However, this is not a necessity. Badminton is not an individual sport, and your fellow player can help you achieve more.

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Playing badminton is a full workout. Running around will mean that you are using all parts of the body. For example, your lower body will be using glutes, hamstring, quads, and calves. The upper body will make use of the arms, the shoulders, the upper back, and the chest.

Should you be uncomfortable with your waist, then it is time to think about badminton. This will help in trimming your waist. If you have such a waist, all you need is a calorie deficit. That means that you should eat less calories than you burn. Waist fat can be stubborn, and it requires some effort if you are to get rid of it.

A person of any age can play badminton, and it is not associated with any age group. Unlike some sports which require favorable weather to play, badminton can be played even in winter, making at an year-round sport. Since its founding in 1936, the American Badminton Association has made a spirited effort to offer badminton opportunities all over the country.

Will Playing Badminton Help Lose Weight?

Badminton comes with sweating. Sweating helps the body to lose toxins which could be responsible for sabotaging your weight loss efforts. If you sweat often per week, it means that you are losing energy, and you are helping your body to get rid of waste products. In the end, this is of a lot of benefit to your weight loss efforts.

There is a strong correlation between weight loss and mental health. If you are not mentally healthy, there is a low likelihood that you are going to consistently lose weight. As a matter of fact, stress and anxiety leads to weight gain.

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Closely connected to this is that badminton, being a sports that requires at least two people, you are going to enhance your social life. This is also an opportunity to bond with your family members and friends. Anything that enhances your social and mental health is also good for weight loss. Mental and social problems are a major barrier to losing weight. People who are depressed tend to eat a lot, stay indoors, and tend to engage in less exercise.

Lastly, much as you get committed to playing badminton, always eat right. The diet you take could as well be the panacea to weight loss problems. It would be inconsequential to make gains through badminton, and then undo your achievements through taking the wrong diet. Optimal weight loss outcomes are achieved through exercise and diet.

Having discussed that, it is time you tried badminton as your workout regime. You are going to be surprised by the immense benefits that it carries. Whereas you may not see tangible results right away, it would help to be resilient. It is advisable that playing badminton becomes a regular activity and you are going to realize optimal outcomes.