Badminton racket

What Should You Look For When Buying a Badminton Racket?

The most important things to look for is a good racket weight, the best type of strings for you, and a handgrip that suits you.

Read on to get to know exactly how to measure each of these factors.

Recreational sports are important for your mind and body to relax and reset. We must take care of ourselves to function well.

Recreational sports can help us after months and months of hard work. However, we may have to find great recreational sports that we should enjoy.

One of the best recreational sport of all time is badminton.

Why Badminton Is One of The All-Time Favorite Recreational Sports?

Badminton requires the players to make your whole body function. It also requires your mind to plan strategies that need coordination with your body.

This takes your mind off academic or work-related stress. In addition to this, this exercises the body and tones most of the parts of your legs.

This keeps you physically and mentally fit which makes your lifestyle better.

How To Choose a Good Badminton Racket?

Badminton Racket Weight

It is very important to consider the weight of the badminton racket. This is because it affects greatly the effect of how you are going to play.

Heavy badminton rackets tend to be harder on most players as it can be difficult to smash the shuttlecock. On the other hand, light badminton rackets can be easy to manage. Experts have also suggested that heavy rackets can cause more stress on your arms.

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Badminton instructors say that racket weights should be based on what level you are in.

The beginners class is recommended to use badminton rackets that weigh around 85 to 89 grams.

This is because these are easier to control and sway. In contrast to this, professional-level players tend to use slightly heavier rackets. This improves stability and force on most players.

Choose The Right String

Choosing the right string may improve performance and avoid injuries. It involves the need to choose options such as tension or repulsion.

The relationship between the string tension and repulsion is inversely proportional. This means that if you choose low string tension, the string has higher levels of tension. This also means that for higher string tension, the levels of repulsion are low.

Low string tension is a better choice because it offers more power. These types of rackets are often recommended to beginners. This is because it offers high repulsion which leads to a great performance.

However, professionals tend to play with higher string tensions because they have mastered control techniques. This makes them get better precision and control.


This factor is one of the most important features to consider. This holds a great portion of the performance of the player.

Hand grips can be slippery when the player sweats which may cause a decrease in performance. On the other hand, some handgrips can absorb sweat and make the user more comfortable.

The factors that affect hand grips are listed below:

Handgrip Types For a Badminton Racket

  • Towel hand grips – towel hand grips are comfortable type of hand grips. This is recommended to most players because of sweat production. This allows them to play better and allow excellent control. On the other hand, these hand grips are prone to bacterial accumulations from dirt and sweat. This means it will need frequent replacements which can be expensive.
  • Synthetic hand grips – Synthetic hand grips tend to last longer than those towel hand grips. It absorbs less sweat and has fewer chances of bacterial accumulation. On the other hand, it is less comfortable to use for most players.
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Size Of The Handgrip

According to an online article, there are mostly four sizes of hand grips available. It was also stated in the article that larger hand grips were preferred by most users. This is because they wanted a tighter grip on the badminton racket. Experts also suggest that these give more power because of the tight control. In contrast to this, smaller grips provide better maneuver.

Balance Point

Another factor to consider is the balance point of the badminton rackets. This factor also heavily affects the player’s performance depending on his level. These balance points may either give better power, speed, the best of both worlds. The balance point is also categorized into three parts.

  • Head-light – this means that it is specialized to have a lighter head. This gives the player speed and better control.
  • Even – this means that the balance point of the racket is located in the middle. This gives almost the best of both worlds. However, it only gives on the good level not the better level.

What Are Some Good Badminton Rackets?

An article in 2020, has released a list of good badminton rackets.

They are categorized as best on overall, budget, doubles, intermediate, and advanced.

Below are the badminton rackets recommended and reviews to them.

Sensation professional woven

This badminton racket is seated in the best overall category.

This racket has an excellent quality design with a unique pyramid frame. This reduces swing resistance which gives the player better speed.

Its shaft is made of graphite which makes it light for comfort on longer periods of playing.

It is mostly reviewed as an excellent lightweight and good tension racket.

Wilson Matchpoint

This badminton racket falls in the best budget category. This racket is only around 15 to 20 dollars.

This falls on the best budget because it is excellent even at a low price. It is very durable, lightweight and the frame is made up of aluminum.

It also has a soft grip that is good for the player’s comfort. It was reviewed and applauded for its tight strings because it manages to give power to the shuttlecock.

Yonex Combo

Yonex falls in the best doubles category for its great value. This combo set has been applauded for its durability and stable handles.

It was also stated in the article that this combo set has a good surface area which is essential on a doubles match.

Senston N80

Senston N80 falls on the best for intermediate category. Its weight unstrung is around 75 to 79 grams and mixed string tension of 28 pounds.

It has a wooden handle material which increases racket shock absorption. Most reviews featured its lightweight, strong tension, and extreme quality.

Yonex 13 Nanoray 800

This badminton racket falls on the best for advanced players category.

This racket lets the player have good control and speed because of its aerodynamic and lightweight features. Reviewers recommend this racket for its great control and great smashing power capabilities.

They also state that this badminton racket raises your performances to the next level.

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