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How Do You Remove Golf Grips With An Air Compressor?

Golf grips are getting more expensive, and it seems that the price has doubled in a short time. But if the grips need to go, then they have to go. 

There are some players though who don’t want to destroy them when they need to remove their golf grips, and one way to remove them is by using an air compressor. 

Using an air compressor to remove the golf grips takes a bit of caution cause improper expulsion of air may leave the grip damaged and unusable. 

Here Is The Way It’s Done:

Work in an area with no clutter, or there should be enough room for you to move and maneuver your golf clubs. 

  • Get a vise with a rubber insert and use this to place your golf club. This will ensure that your golf clubs will be safe. A vise is important, especially if they make your golf club of a graphite shaft. If you don’t have this at home, you can find one in golf shops and retailers.
  • Keep your golf shaft safe by putting a cover while working on the grip. You can use plastic or cardboard to cover the part exposed, but leave the end of the grip-free to work on. 
  • Attach an air compression machine to your golf club. Insert the thin air compressor nozzle in the small hole that is found in the grip cap of your golf club. This is how the air will blast the grips and remove them from your golf club with the blast of air. This is safer if it blasts a controlled amount, as it will keep the grip intact. 
  • Slowly release the air in the golf club grip, it will also separate the grip from the adhesive. A controlled blast of air is essential to keep the grip from getting damaged and worthless for future use. 
  • Pull the air compressor switch. The grip will loosen as the air fills the inner space and will expand the grip. Remove the compressor nozzle, then the grip should follow. 
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When Should Golf Club Grips Be Replaced?

When players can no longer grip their clubs correctly. It may be because of some worn parts, or the grips may have a slippery quality. This is no longer ideal to be used as it will cause hand tension and muscle tightness, also in the arms and wrists. 

  • Grips may not be the perfect fit for the user. It can be too big or too small as its quality changes over time. It is now time to replace it with a better golf club grip with a better fit. A grip that is too big for your hands may keep you from moving your wrists properly, which lessens your accuracy. A too-small grip may cause you to rotate your wrists too much, and this is no good with accuracy as well. 
  • Grip quality changes. The grip quality became hard to grip, and it can cause mis-hits because the player is not comfortable gripping the golf clubs. It should have the balanced comfort or softness and firmness for it to be ideal. 
  • Loose Golf Club Grips. Another issue that you must solve when you are an enthusiast of the game. You cannot play with a loose grip cause you cannot grip it tight enough. You will feel uncomfortable trying to use your golf club correctly, but the grips are not just doing their job anymore. 
  • Cracking and wearing. Once you see your grips showing cracks and wearing, this is the most telling sign it is time you replace them. You should invest in one that will serve its purpose. It is better than replacing the whole golf club, which will cost you more money.  Wearing the golf club grips doesn’t happen in a short time, but rather it will take months of continued use. This is just the way it is, so be prepared to replace your grips anytime if you are a frequent golfer. 
  • Added vibration. The grip has a double purpose cause it just does not make it comfortable for you to handle your golf clubs and make swinging easy for you. It is also another extra pad to keep you from feeling the vibration after every shot at the ball. 
  • Not installed properly. This will give you a feeling of awkwardness every time you play cause you need the right fit for you to perform perfectly every time you play the sport. You may need to have this checked and replaced at the soonest time. 
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Who Can You Remove Your Golf Club Grips?

You can do it yourself if you want to save money and if you are able. If you also have all the materials needed, then you can save money in the process. However, this can be time-consuming, especially if you are just a beginner, so you need to be sure that you are doing it correctly at every step. 

This is also your chance to replace your grips with a new one after you remove the old and used up grips. 

One issue here is if you don’t have the proper materials to do this project, and one thing you need is an air compressor. 

If you are doing the removal manually, a grip remover can help, a solvent remover and another is with a use of a solvent pump.

Finding a professional to remove it for you is also another option. You may be a beginner or a seasoned player, but then again removing grips and replacing them takes time, and if you are pressed for time, it is better to pay a professional to do this task for you.

Another advantage in getting a professional to do this job is that they can do it better, as they are knowledgeable and used to removing and replacing golf club grips.

The grip will be placed correctly with no flaw by a professional, plus you can have a say on the pattern that you like if there are some tweaks that you prefer or some changes you require. You can also come back for a re-fit if anything goes awry.

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You have to be ready in shelling out a few bucks though, for this.

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