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Does Lengthening A Golf Club Change The Lie Angle?

Any changes in the golf club will also alter its performance. It should always fit the user every time, and measurement should be accurate for the player to have a perfect play. 

This is the same with lengthening a golf club cause it will also alter the lie angle. Every half-inch length change alters the lie by a degree. 

There will be an alteration in the way you grip the club, change in your positioning or posture while taking a swing, you may need to bend it a little to drop your hands a bit, or you may stand more upright to make up for the change in distance.

Since there will be changes in the length of the golf club, one must take into consideration the lie angle cause for every degree that your clubs are off, it can cause you to have an imperfect shot every time. 

To get the right lie, make sure that whenever you change the length of the golf club, you are also trying out the clubs to match your swing. Pro-golf shops can adjust some clubs to match it according to your need. 

How Do You Measure The Length Of A Golf Club?

They measure it from the heel of the club to the butt end of the handle or the grip. 

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Clubs can be shortened, and they can lengthen it. Shortening your clubs can increase your accuracy if you sometimes swing in a wayward manner.

There is an advantage in shortening the club, such as making it firmer, plus there is a decrease in its swing weight that for every half inch removed there are three swingweight points, less in weight. Swingweight can easily be increased by using lead tape placed at the clubhead. 

Lengthening a club softens the shaft a fraction while increasing the swing weight of the club. Each time you add length like half an inch will also add three swing weight points. The maximum length you can add is up to an inch and a half and not over cause there is a risk of compromising the integrity of the shaft, which can make it break easily. 

An extension can be used in lengthening the golf club where it is fitted in the butt end of the shaft, and once dried, the golf club can be cut to the preferred length. 

The Two Kind Of Lie Angles When Swinging Your Golf Club

Flat Lie Angle. There is a risk of slicing the ball when your angle is too flat. This means that the angle between the shaft and the ground is smaller. Once your club is too flat for your swing, the toe of your golf club will have a lower range than the heel when it should be leveled. 

Slicing happens because of such reasons. 

Since you wouldn’t want a ball that slices often, you will need to compensate by trying to hit it straight to make up for the incorrect lie angle. This will also result in having such a small margin of error and make you miss your shot, giving you low accuracy during the game. 

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Your swing will get compromised as well because of having a too flat lie angle. 

Upright Lie Angle. The angle between the shaft and the ground is bigger than it should be. The club shaft will be more upright when you compared it to the ground. 

A club that is too upright every time you swing means that the heel of the clubhead is lower than that of the toe. 

The tendency here is for the ball to hook, especially for those who are right-handed golfer where the curving of the shot, often takes place. 

An upright lie angle is more common because the golfers who are just beginning in the game still have their flaws in swinging, which shows in a very upright position every impact. 

However, some more experienced golfers prefer upright clubs, but many are getting fitted, so they can have clubs that are flatter compared to the ready-made clubs being sold today.

The Advantage Of Having A Correct Lie Angle For Your Golf Clubs

  • Since golfers have different build and swing types, having a correct lie angle will help you in getting an accurate swing. 
  • This is important in determining ball flight patterns, it will lessen the inaccuracy as well. Some beginners tend to have incorrect posture, so they can follow the right swing even while having an incorrect lie angle. 
  • It will lessen your mis-hits.

Ways To Assess Lie Angles

Checking on the Divot Patterns. You can see such a pattern on a flat portion of turf. This is the easiest way to see the orientation of your golf clubs at impact. If there is a mark of a divot in a rectangular shape, then this is a club with a perfect sole. When you see a deeper pattern from the toe or heel, this means there should be some change done for your golf club. 

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Using a Lie Board

Another way to check the lie orientation of your golf club is by using this method. A club fitter can do this for you where they will place a piece of tape on the iron’s sole, and once this produces a mark on the ground, it will determine what adjustments need to be made to your golf club. 

Launch Monitor

This is an expensive way to monitor the lie angle of a golf club. Another accurate way to tell the lie angle, although few use this device because of its price. 

The best way to have a correct lie angle is by having a correct club fitting. When you get this fitting, you will be asked to hit a hard plastic board using the golf club cause there is a piece of tape on the sole, and once you hit the board, there will be a mark that shows the adjustment you need for your golf clubs. 

Club fitting is the best way to get accurate golf clubs, cause there is no standard lie angle that you can find in any golf store, and you need the fitting, so it will be according to your build, swing type, and preference. 

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