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How Does Using A Certain Golf Ball Affect Your Game?

Golf is a fascinating game of patience, stamina, skill, focus and staying power.

It requires quite a bit of energy also because you have to be on your feet for hours at length. Hence, you must not only be 100% physical fit but also should pay attention to your skill set, practice time, coaching and learning from a good professional and much more.

You also need to spend quite a bit of time, and effort choosing the right golfing accessories. Most often, even experienced golfers spend hundreds of dollars for the best in golfing clubs.

They also pay quite a bit of attention towards the dresses, caps, shoes and other such things that they wear for practices and also the way in which they carry themselves.

Golfing for many has become a fashion statement apart from displaying their skills. However, there are many who perhaps do not pay the right attention to the golf ball that is required.

This article is focused on the various aspects that could help in making the right choice of golf balls. Many players may perhaps not be aware that golf balls could impact the quality of your game.

Do Golf Balls Affect Your Game?

This is a question that comes to the minds of many budding and even some experienced golfers. However not many of them understand many things about golf balls.

The technology behind golf balls has gone through quite a bit of change. If you look at golf balls over the past many decades you will be able to see a lot of changes. The golf balls of yesteryears were called feather balls.

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They were made out of leather sacks that were stuffed with goose feathers that were wet. As the feathers dried, the ball filled out and became rounded in shape.

These were considered to be a big improvement over wooden balls that were used previously.

Modern balls have gone through many positive changes and are certainly a much better choice compared to wooden and rubber balls that were used previously.

Yes it would not be out of place to mention here that balls do go a long way in affecting one’s game.

Dynamics And Mechanics Of Modern Day Golf Balls

Modern day golf balls take into account the dynamics and mechanics that are so important when playing the game.

They are manufactured to favor either control or distance depending on the needs of players. However, most manufacturers try to make a compromise and offer the best to players as far as distance and control is concerned.

Balls that travel distance come with a lower spin rate. This helps the players to take longer shots. The covering of these balls is made from hard materials including surlya, instead of the commonly used material urethane.

However, since they have low spin rate coupled with a hard feel, it may not always be easy to control the ball especially in a green and lush golf ground.

There are balls that are made keeping in mind control alone. They have a soft feel and the feel is also the same when the ball is struck. The big advantage of these soft balls is that they offer a much better spin.

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This makes it easier to control the ball and you can maneuver it better in green and grassy grounds and also when the ball is stuck in tough lies. They also have a dimple pattern that helps in making control that much predictable and easier.

However, as technology has moved forward, the actual difference between control balls and distance golf balls has reduced when compared to what it was some 20 years ago.

This technology has resulted in the development of what is known as a compromise ball that not only moves longer distances but also has enough spin to make control easier and more predictable.

Hence, we need to understand that golf balls do play a big role in impacting the overall quality of your game whether it is a practice match or a competitive match.

Therefore, you must choose a ball that meets your specific goals and objective of the particular game that you are playing. You also should bear in mind that many golfing associations including USGA have put in place limitations as far as the weight, size, speed and the distance that golf balls can travel.

No ball must be more than 1.68 inches in circumference. Further, it should not weigh more than 1.62 but it can be lighter. Even smaller sized balls less than 1.68 inches are permitted.

Should You Use The Same Golf Balls?

While there is no hard and fast rule that the same ball should be used for different tournaments, it does make sense to use the same ball.

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Once a player is used to a certain ball in terms of weight, circumference, control and speed, he or she feels comfortable using the same. However, make sure that the ball is good and fit for being used in the next competitive match.

If not, you always can go in for a new ball having the same specifications in terms of size, circumference and so on.

Using the same attributes of the golf ball for different matches will make your play predictable and better.

However, in some cases when the golf ground is different, you may have to change the golf ball taking the new reality into account.

Will Using An Expensive Golf Ball Make Me Play Better?

If you ask any golf expert who has been around for many years playing golf, he or she may not agree with the view that an expensive golf ball could make a big difference when it comes to playing better.

Any reasonably good quality golf ball could make all the difference and instead the players could perhaps concentrate more on the golf club and other such accessories and tools.

Yes, an expensive ball could perhaps have an increased spin attribute. This could contribute marginally to the quality of the game if the golf ground is green and the nice and soft feel on impact could slow down the speed of the ball as it rolls and stops.

The above article may have helped golf enthusiasts, budding golfers and other interested persons to have a reasonably good insight into the various aspects of choosing a good golf ball.

You must focus on two important attributes, i.e. speed and spin. While speed could help the ball to travel long distances, spinning balls could come in handy when you want to exercise better control over the ball especially in unpredictable ground and windy conditions.