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Why Is Golf Generally An Expensive Sport? (How To Make Golf Affordable)

Golf is expensive for many reasons. Primarily the start-up costs, such as the cost of equipment, lessons and course membership.

Second, you have hidden costs such as golf balls, on course expenses and transport costs. However, if you’re smart, you can make the game more affordable.

Top 6 Reasons That Golf Is Expensive

Equipment Costs

Even a typical starter junior set will cost you around $200 including a putter irons woods and bag. If you want to upgrade and buying a single driver from one of the major manufacturers can cost you anything up to $600.

Putters range and cost from $50 to $400. A full set of iron range and cost from $300 to $2,000. This is it for you to factor in the cost of golf balls which can cost up to 60 dollars for a dozen

Golfing Apparel

Most people can’t take off without golf shoes and a glove. Golf shoes can cost you $300 per pair even a basic set will cost you $50. Golf clubs vary in cost depending on their style and function from $5 to $25. 

Green Fees

Most people new to golf will not join a golf course straight off the bat, so they must travel from location to location paying green fees. Starting out, you might guess nine holes of golf in that municipal course for the littlest ten dollars.

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Under me to smoke horses may cost anything $25. If you shop around and you find yourself in an area with many golf clubs, you may even guess an excellent offer on membership.

Many courses offer deals for couples which dramatically reduces membership fees.

Hidden Costs 

Some courses will charge you an additional fee for a motorized or pull cart that could be anything from $10 to $30. Other fees might include club rentals if you’re playing golf when you travel please could hang up to $50.

If you really get into golf, you may play as you travel so in many parts of the world you’ll find that you have to also pay for caddy which is another additional cost when you get more serious purchase a golf app a laser rangefinder or even a golf watch these are additional expenses.

Joining A Course

As you progress, the next logical step is to join a golf club. You do this for several reasons.

Foremost is to get an official handicap that will allow you to play in competitions but also to monitor your golf progress.

Course memberships vary around the world but in the US to cause an average nearly $6,000 a year.

Golf Lessons

The only way you’re going to truly enjoy golf is to improve. Unnecessary part of this is to get a golf lesson. Spending some money getting a private lesson from a member of the PGA will be worth every dollar you spend.

Lessons varies in cost from $30 to $150 per hour depending on the instructor and the facility you go to

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Tips Or Help To Make Playing Golf Cheaper

Practice Smart – Not Hard

One of the biggest mistakes you see people make when they head to the practice range is the day they instantly grab 100 golf balls and start hitting them as hard as I can.

Instead of doing this the next time you find yourself at the range, grab some golf balls from your bag and head to the practice putting and chipping area.

Spending 30 minutes to an hour practicing chipping and putting this game in the game will not only dramatically increase your skill set it all so save you money that you waste by just vanishing golf balls.

Then I hit 30 or 40 golf balls instead of 100 to finish out your practice routine focusing on every shot, trying to improve on the previous one rather than just hitting golf balls just for the sake of them.

Use YouTube Videos To Improve Technique

My professional friends will hate me for saying this, but golf lessons are expensive. I always advise people to take at least 5 to 10 when they’re starting the game.

After that much of the information you need is available online for free. Once you have a basic understanding of your swing using YouTube can give you all the information, you need to take to the range to understand your grip aims that’s in posture and these are all available for free from very skillful and knowledgeable.

Second Hand Golf Equipment Can Hit The Ball Too

The quality of golf clubs you use well directly affect your game. Starting out you’re better off spending your $200 on a high quality used set of golf clubs rather than a cheap set made in China. Searching online or even the localized will quickly reveal a wide variety of used golf equipment, including golf balls for sale. 

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Don’t Waste Your Money On New Golf Balls

There are a few certainties in life, but one of them is when you’re learning to play golf you’re going to lose golf balls. What reason could you have to spend $50 on 12 golf balls before running off just to go out and lose 6 to 10 of them (or even all 12).

I learned from a young age from my father that if I lose a golf ball, I need to find one.

Every golf course has its golf ball dead zones where people hit golf balls all day long. A quick look at these areas if your timing is right can really reveal a treasure trove of free golf balls, many of which have only been hit once and straight out of the box.

Shop around

For example, booking your tee times later rather than earlier means you might get a discount on your round.

Playing nine quality holes of golf on a quiet course in the evening twice a week, is often far more beneficial than having to rush 18 hours of golf early in the morning once a week.

Many courses offer Twilight deals and significant discounts and including free range balls and even free clinics.

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