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How Many Days a Week Should You Run For Marathon Training?

Those who join the marathon vary with their training schedule. Training will also depend on the physical capacity, so it is also important that before you join any marathon, consult a specialist first, and get a go-signal for what you are planning. 

The frequency of training will also depend on what marathon you are planning to join. 

For beginners, you should begin at the shorter races such as 5Ks or 10Ks, you go from there when you are better and able. 

Training for your first marathon must be balanced and not forced. You cannot put yourself at risk of injuring yourself by training too much and too fast. Keep the training consistent as well because it is not smart to run this week and take a rest the other week, this will not benefit you at all. 

Three to four runs per week is just right, and then you will increase your weekly runs week after week. 

You also need to train for a weekly long run where at the end of each week you will run longer miles and then add another mile or two the following week. 

Your body will get used to the training as the days and weeks go by, proper training must be observed. 

Speed Training Is Next As You Incorporate This Into Your Training Program

Once your body gets used to the frequent running, you can focus on your speed. Although this is not your concentration because speed is not what will make you win during the marathon. Rather it is the stamina. You will use speed at some point when you need to be faster than the one behind you to win the race – that is. You will know when to use speed during the race.

Your body must be able to rest, and recover so it will not burn out. It is not required to train a day prior to the race, but should rather focus on the rest. 

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How To Prevent Mental And Physical Burnout

Not resting and giving yourself time to recover can also mean an injury to the runner. 

If you feel like running the entire week and the rest of the time you are in training for a marathon, you can do some walking, swimming, yoga, or even hiking to take the edge off and remove the boredom. 

Before the day of the marathon you should not double your training, but you must scale back and give your body and mind the needed relaxation it requires to be ready for the enormous challenge up ahead. 

What Marathon Runners Must Remember

The more you run, the more you will become faster. You need to be consistent and must have a goal every week. 

It is not the speed that should be your focus. You must focus on your stamina and not on your speed. You can train and help you go faster once you have the stamina, to get you through the frequent running. 

As more people are trying to get fit, many of them have started by joining a marathon. While most of those who join the marathon are seasoned runners, some are just starting with the sport. 

Top Reasons Why People Join The Marathon

There are varying reasons to why people want to run a marathon.

  • To improve fitness
  • To experience something new and push your limits
  • To meet new people

These are just to name a few. Let’s have a closer look at some of these reasons.

For Fitness

Improving fitness, since those who will join a marathon, requires training so that their endurance will increase. As they train, their heart gets stronger, circulation improves, and there is a strengthening of the muscles.

One other change is in mental improvement, which is an important factor when joining a marathon. A runner must prepare not just their body, but also their mind for the grueling challenge they are about to face. 

Wanting To Experience Something New

Some are after the experience because as a person joins the marathon they are stepping out of their comfort zone and facing something new.

They are trying to hurdle something that is supposed to be too difficult, and they will try to win the race with their commitment and perseverance. This adds to a person’s confidence and self-worth. 

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Meeting New People

Many people are interested to join the marathon because they can get to meet new people. It is also an eye-opener to be with a community of runners that can also be your lifelong friends. 

Finding people with the same goal gives you that push to be better and keep up.

Increase Self Esteem By Challenging Yourself

An uplift in self esteem when a person accomplishes a goal, even if they don’t win, running a few miles takes strength and concentration. It is not for someone who gives up easily. Just joining the sport is already a big feat.

Being A Good Example To Others

Another reason for some in joining the marathon. They will simply motivate others to join as well by being an example. If other people are hesitant to join the marathon, seeing someone they knew join the seemingly tough sport will make them think of joining as well. 

A Chance To Travel

This is an excellent reason others join the marathon, especially if it is being held in other parts of the world. They get the chance to enjoy traveling and experience being in another place and meeting additional sets of people. 

Wanting To Help

Some marathons are for charity, those who join usually want to help and raise awareness about a certain project. People also join marathons to raise money as they combine their fitness goals, and help others while doing so. 

Being A Winner And Getting The Reward

It is a bragging right for anyone who can win a marathon because some cannot even get to the finish line and give up after a few miles of running. 

Although some run just for the fun of it, some are in it for financial gain. 

What To Do Before, During And After The Marathon?

Be ready. Make sure that you are ready, and able to join the contest on the day. If you have any injury from the training, it is best to not join the marathon – you are just setting yourself up for further injury. 

Hydrate. Drinking enough amount of water the rest of the day is important, as it ensures that you are well hydrated for the big day. 

Eat the right meal. You must eat simply, not filling yourself too much and not eating less than what is required. Oatmeals, fruits, and bars will help, and a high-carb breakfast. 

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Wear the right outfit. Any constricting get-up is a no-no. Be kind to yourself and get the perfect clothing. You should be able to move in a relaxed manner while in running clothes. Choose the best running shoes, so your feet will do their job.

Check the climate and choose the clothing depending on the weather, you face that day. 

Using anti-blister/chafing cream as required. There may be vulnerable points on your feet that require cream, so it will not be hurt during the long run. Using an anti-blister sock is also an option, so you are ready for anything that arises during the race. 

Be on time. It is stressful to be running for the gate just because you are running late. This is not the race you are after. Do not stress yourself further by being late. It will not get you a medal for sure. Be aware of the time. 

Do not be a speed freak during the race. It is not a smart move to be speeding at the start; you are just wasting your energy early on. You should run smart and not run fast. Pick up your pace at the right mile, know when. 

Do not drink at every aid station. This is not a water- drinking session. Drinking one or two to prevent you from getting thirsty is enough. It will also get you behind a few minutes if you keep on stopping for a drink.

Have a friend tag along. Seeing a familiar face to cheer you up is a big ego-booster. You will surely pick up on your pace when you see familiar faces smiling and waving at you, hoping you will win. However, you should know where they are standing and cheering so you can at least acknowledge their presence while you are running. 

Do not be intimidated by the crowd. Just keep on running and minding your pace. The crowds are there to cheer their friends, so not minding the noise is the key.

You can just enjoy the spectators and live for the moment focus on your goal which is to get to the finish line – or be the winner. 

After the race, get the water replenishment that you need. Rest your tired muscles. You can still walk around to get the edge off after the race. Let your muscles cool down as well. An after the stretch is a good idea. Having a delightful meal would help.

Get the needed sleep because your body just face a grueling activity, you may take a day or two off from work because your body needs it more than ever. Resting is important, as your immune system may still be vulnerable after the race.

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