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How Many Pairs of Running Shoes Do You Need a Year?

For those who may find themselves confused and cannot decide on the question of how many pairs of running shoes do they need to have per year, this article should help and give some insights.

Some people are enthusiasts of running and maybe training for a competition, and they have money to spend in buying 5 to 10 pairs of running shoes of whatever brand they fancy while some are satisfied with just having a pair to use all year round. 

This may also depend on the preference of the user, but for runners who want to prevent any injury to happen it is a smart idea to at least have 2-pairs of running shoes that you can rotate every time you run. 

One factor that will also give you a hint on whether you need to have an extra pair is if you have experienced some injury while you are using a certain brand of running shoes, it is ideal for you to get another pair of running shoes you can use as a replacement for your current running shoes. 

Some would rather have one brand of running shoes simply because they swear by that brand, and they have had no injury while using said running shoes. Getting another pair is better than just having just one-pair to use for the entire year. 

This is also in cases one wears out – you still have a pair in-store. 

For people who don’t run as often and only use their running shoes once or twice a week, getting two pairs is decent. 

Reasons You Need More Than a Single Pair Shoes

For many runners a single pair of running shoes is not enough to last an entire year. The main reasons you might need multiple pairs of shoes could be.

  • You weigh more than average
  • You run a lot on rough roads or in sand
  • Your shoes does not fit you well
  • The quality of your shoes is low
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Let me dive deeper into each of these points.

You Are On The Heavy Side

Sometimes shoes can only last for long, but there are factors such as the weight of the user. Heavier body weight will impact the shoes further compared to those who are on the leaner side. 

The shoes can receive pressure that is five times your body weight and this will affect your running shoes. 

This may require you to get another pair that you can rely on in case the one pair you have is no longer usable. 

What Does Your Running Surface Matter?

This will also make a difference in the longevity of your running shoes. Sometimes rough roads, hard and uneven running surface will have a greater impact on the shoes you are using. 

When you run on full concrete roads or asphalt surfaces, your shoes will not last longer compared to running on a different surface, such as on the track or grass. Running on concrete is harder on your joints and your shoes. Finding one that has a perfect cushion that will lessen the force with every step is the best idea. 

Then there are also sand, trails, and all-weather track.

However, if you find one that is manufactured for a specific surface, you may get a longer wearing running shoes. For hard surfaces, get one with more cushion instead of a lightweight quality. 

Improper Fit of Running Shoes

It will not just run you out of your shoes, but your feet as well. Ill-fitting shoes will not do you any good and don’t expect the running shoes to last as long. 

Every time your shoes strike the ground, there is a tendency for them to make room at the seams, especially if your feet are too big for it. 

You should always buy running shoes at the right time of the day and make sure that there is enough allowance for your foot to expand while running. 

Shoe Brand And Quality Matter

So, you must have the latest model of running shoes, and you are sure that it will last long, but what if you have an old model, sooner or later you need to find another pair so you can rotate usage of both shoes.

Sometimes there are reasons other brands are expensive compared to some brands as they boast of more durability, tougher material and added features. 

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It is alright to shell out more money if it means additional durability and comfort if it is more lightweight, has added stability and great style for a pair of running shoes. 

Using Shoes That Are Not Meant For Running

You may have been using your running shoes thinking that it is meant for running only to find out it is not for such activity. 

Make sure that you have shoes meant for running if you are an enthusiast of the said activity. You are preventing injuries and getting the right pair ensures you a better experience. 

Your running shoes and how long they last

Even if you have the most expensive running shoes, eventually it will wear out, especially if you are using them daily. It will lose its features and the reason you bought it in the first place.

When you are out running in different weather, it also exposes your shoes to it. Running shoes most especially will grow weaker through time and frequent use, especially if you only have one pair you use. 

One other factor to consider is that when you have your running shoes for a long time, it may not give you that much protection from injury and may already have some stability issues like the soles may not be that good in gripping the surface while you are running and may have a tendency to slide on the wet surface, there may also be instances where your shoes may not be able to impact varying forces.

Check your shoe tread once in a while so you can see whether the treads are already degraded, and this may mean that you need another pair or two that you can count on.

Some runners may think that as long as their running shoes are working and their feet are not touching the ground yet, their running shoes are perfect. 

There are reasons a rotation of running shoes is important and includes:

Preventing potential muscle pain or even injury

Other good reasons for getting new shoes often

Although your running shoes don’t have any signs of wear and tear on the external surface your leg muscles may be compensating for it.

When you are feeling foot pain and leg pain after only a few minutes or half-hour of running, this may tell you something. 

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Shoes may still look good outside, but the impact of frequent use can lessen its stability features, so you are running with a shoe that is already tilting, and your foot is taking its toll on the uneven running you have been doing. 

Continuous brunt to your foot will take its toll, and you may risk yourself for an injury. You may even limp after running, and this is a good sign that you need a running shoe rotation, or better yet, get the right pair. 

New Shoes Give You More Enjoyable Running Experience

Well-cushioned shoes will mean you are up for an enjoyable experience every time you run. There is the right foot support, and you are getting the comfort that your foot requires. 

Letting your other pair of running shoes return to their full cushion requires a day or two of rest. Making sure that you space your usage and rotate your running shoes will prolong it, and your foot will thank you for the best experience every time. 

Rotating shoes depending on the length of running you do

We should require different shoes depending on the type of running that you will be doing. Sometimes you run for hours, and there are specific shoes that can withstand such rigorous activity, and they are made for such. 

You can use some running shoes for a bit of running coupled with brisk walking, but not the full running that will take you hours to do. 

There are pairs of running shoes that have more cushions that are quite comfortable to use for longer runs since it reduces the impact of the pounding during the activity. 

For shorter runs there are also specific running shoes that are ideal to use and, which are also comfortable and pleasing during short workouts. 

An additional pair will do wonders for you cause you’ll know which one to pick when the activity calls for it. 

Adds to your elegant style

Even if you are sweaty while running, don’t you still want to look chic? This is another reason it is a smart idea to have a rotation of your running shoes.

Don’t you just like to have some style that when you are wearing your all-black running get-up you still have a nice pair of running shoes to go with it? You don’t want to get caught using your old, rundown shoes that seem to call for help. 

It is good for your running performance

Your running will surely improve if you have a rotation of running shoes. Your feet will be comfortable every time it runs and will maintain a good foot position, plus help you built up the strength that you require every time you run. 

Your body will also adapt to different shoe styles, seeking to work more and take the energy that the leg muscles need. 

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