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How Much Does it Cost to Get Started in The Sport of Triathlon?

We can agree that joining a triathlon can overwhelm you cause you are opening yourself to a novel experience and one where you can get many benefits.

There is just the question of the cost of starting in this sport. 

You will need to consider many factors when you think about what these sports will cost you and how much you should budget once you join. 

Some Things You Need To Invest In Are

Gears and Apparel

A wetsuit will keep you warm and comfortable during the swim race. If you are a beginner, you will need the warmth that this apparel will provide. This way, you will just focus on the race instead of your body temperature. 

Swimming apparel is also needed if you will train to get better. 

Shoes – You need one while you are training as well as another pair during the race. You need to have at least 2 pairs of shoes and must be comfortable using them before the day of the competition. 

There are shoe stores that specialize in shoes depending on different sports. They will help you find the best shoes that will give you the most comfort while running. 

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Biking shorts, and shoes, and other clothing requirements must be considered and well-thought-out. Always mind about your comfort when choosing the gear and before you purchase, make sure that it fits.

You need to set aside a budget for this between $500 to $800. 

Triathlon Bike og Regular Inexpensive Bicycle?

It may tempt you to buy a more expensive bike for its lightweight quality and features. However, if you are just a beginner in this sport, you can choose a road bike that will give you a good chance during the race without putting a dent in your pocket. 

A standard road bike will cost less and still work effectively. However, if you have the budget to go for the high-end bikes available with a lighter weight and best version of aerodynamic, you can do so, particularly if you are seriously considering joining the competition for many years.

For an impressive triathlon bike, you may need to shell out between $2500 and up. You can still go for the lesser price brands that can also serve their purpose for a thousand bucks or more. 

You will also need a helmet that may cost $25 to $40. They require you to wear goggles while you are biking and running, and you need to ready at least $30. 

Training and Membership

Swimming lessons are crucial, especially if you are not much of a fast swimmer or your breathing capacity is not that impressive. You will benefit by taking lessons. 

If you are a splendid swimmer, then this will save you money, but getting in there for the benefit of perfecting your stroke and such will be helpful. 

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When you enroll in classes and training, you will have to set aside an amount between $300 to $700. 

For Registrations, when you want to enter the race, you need to set aside a budget of $250 to $750 and may vary. 

You may feel overwhelmed at first because the cost will pile up as you find things you need to purchase and gears you want to upgrade. You can lessen the cost by doing the following;

Purchase What’s Most Important

You need not buy so many gears just because someone else has their list of things to buy, and it may not be what you need. Be certain that you are just buying what you need for a triathlon, or else you will buy things you can’t use. 

Make a List And Keep It With You

So you are now bent on trying out for the triathlon, and you need to find the apparel you will need plus the equipment.

The way to do this is by making a list of what you require, and from the advice you get from experienced triathletes cause they will have much to teach you. 

Once you get the apparel you need, do not look and compare it from another store as it will just tempt you to buy extras.

If You Don’t Have The Budget Yet – Buy Second Hand

There are deals you can check online or second-hand market listings. You can purchase a second-hand bike, and most are still in perfect shape. You will be able to save half of what you have allocated, but remember there is no more warranty. 

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Check For Seasonal Sales And Discounts

Previous stock and models will have a lesser price, and they are still perfect. You can get discounts or even get it at the price you don’t expect. 

Shoes also go on sale, and you can even get them at half the price if you are lucky. 

There is also an electronic sale, so for this part, you can check out the bikes and get it for a discounted rate. 

Sellers can also give you a discount if you buy a few items from their store, do not pass this chance to get the items for less. 

Don’t Enroll in Classes Unless You Have To

If you are confident that you don’t need to attend swim classes since you are an excellent swimmer, or perhaps you can practice in free pools somewhere by yourself. For beginners, this is a necessity so you can hone your skills further. 

First-timers will also want to go to gyms, so there will be a trainer who can guide and motivate them. Get a gym membership where there is an available pool for training, so there is no need to find a separate pool for practice as this will just add up to the cost. 

Be An Early Bird

There are discounts or cut in the registration cost for the first few registrants, so you can avail of this one and save up more. If you are decided about joining the race, signing up early won’t be a problem. 

Joining the lesser popular competition is also cheaper though they are not as popular as the Ironman event, it is a start to your triathlon journey.