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Why Does A Heavier Tennis Racket Give You More Power?

Even in tennis, they favor the lighter and smaller tennis rackets. With the proliferation of tennis rackets with reduced weight, with some having a weight less than 10 ounces. 

But some players swear on the effectiveness of heavier rackets as it gives them more power during the match. 

Does the weight of the tennis racket event even impact the power of your shots?

Besides giving a powerful impact when you hit the tennis ball with a heavier racket, there is also force every time you swing the racket.

The key is also in your swing, as you need to have a powerful swing coupled with the heavier racket to give the perfect impact while hitting the ball. 

Other Advantages Of Using A Heavier Tennis Racket

A heavier tennis racket generally Absorbs and decreases the shock of the ball.

With a heavier tennis racket, the shock or impact of the tennis ball becomes lesser when it hits the racket. If a light racket is used, there is a tendency for your arm to absorb the shock instead. 

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You can find a heavy tennis racket that you can handle comfortably and should not have the weight that will tire your arms while you play.

Get More Control With a Heavier Racket

Although you need power during the match, you should also improve on your control with every hit. As heavier rackets double the stability, this will give you better control as well. 

The Racket Takes The Impact Instead Of Your Arms

During heavy play, a heavy racket will absorb the impact of an incoming tennis ball because of the added mass it has, compared to a lighter racket. This prevents your arm from receiving the shock and blow that can eventually lead to injuries. There is also less vibration that is absorbed by your arms. 

How much more power can you expect?

As long as you can swing the heavier tennis racket, at the speed required as if you are using a lighter racket, you can expect the power of your hits to double.

Some heavier rackets are also flexible, and stable. This is also important in the play, coupled with power. 

What Are The Disadvantages Of Using Heavier Rackets? 

  • Less maneuverability. Heavier tennis rackets will take a bit of effort to maneuver as compared to lighter rackets, this is because obviously of the added weight and mass to it.
  • Slower speed. With other advantages it has, it may compromise on other things such as speed. This is what a player must practice when using their heavier tennis racket. 
  • Tend to give the user arm fatigue. For players who are not professional, they may find their arms getting tired of lifting the extra weight, as compared to lighter tennis rackets. They may get weary during the whole play, especially if it is an extended one. For professional players, they may handle the extra weight and balance it during the game. 
  • Harder to swing for beginners. It may not be the best option for those who are just beginning players because they will have a hard time handling the racket, at the same time, their swings will take effort to be good. They will also feel encumbered by the extra weight, so the best choice would be to get a lighter racket for the first few plays, and then they can decide moving forward. 
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How To Add Weight To Your Lightweight Tennis Racket?

If you assumed that all hope is lost, well – it is not. If you just bought a lightweight racket and you just tried a heavier tennis racket from other players, but you are still not sure if you want to shell out more to buy a heavy tennis racket, you can do something about it. 

What you can do is to customize your racket if you want to add weight to it and you must be sure to disperse the weight, just like those rackets that are bought in a store

Other professional players add lead tape, either at the head part or the handle. Applying 10 grams of lead tape to the racket in the throat area going further to the inside of the rim. When you want additional weight placed at the top of the frame, you can place this inside the rim. 

To balance the scale, you may want to add more to the existing grip just underneath. 

However, be sure that you are just adding enough of the lead tape, as this will also change its maneuverability. You only need to add enough and nothing more than what is comfortable for you while handling your racket. 

What To Consider When Buying A Tennis Racket Whether Light Or Heavy?

Buy What Works For You. 

When you need to buy your own tennis racket, it should be according to your preference. You must be able to know what works better for you while at play.

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You cannot buy a heavy tennis racket if you are just a beginner, you should know your strength first. 

Do Not Buy The Most Expensive. 

This is important, especially if you are not sure if you will do this activity for long.

When you improve on your game and you are sure that this is something that will stick for a long time, then you can purchase a tennis racket that you can use for years. 

Check what’s important.

This would be the head size, where a larger head size is usually ideal for beginners.

The weight of the racket will depend on you as well if you can handle a heavy racket or would you prefer one that is lighter, but not too light cause you will relax every time you play. Should not be too heavy and not too light, either. 

Grip size should not be too small or too large, it will also depend on the size of your hand.


Just like what is mentioned above, you need to purchase something that is easy on the pocket while you are just starting in this game.

Although there is no reason for you not to splurge if you have money to shell out, for others who wanted to enjoy the game without being burdened with too many expenses, a racket that is priced fairly, is your best option. 

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