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How Can Different Tennis Rackets Give More Spin?

There is no doubt that tennis is one of the few games that tests the best as far as a person’s stamina, speed, physical fitness, mental agility and skill sets are concerned.

While brute force and speed does help a lot in subduing tough opponents, this alone may not be enough to see through players against opponents who combine the best of stamina, speed with skill sets.

When we talk about skills in tennis, there are many things that come to the fore. It is about those deft touches, those elegant drop shots and of course the spin that many players are able to extract from the balls.

We often believe that spins are extracted best on certain turfs and grounds. This is not entirely true. The role of tennis rackets has a vital and important role to play. In this article, we will learn more about the ways in which different tennis rackets could help give more spin to the tennis balls and take even the best of opposition by surprise.

Let us see why it is important to select a tennis racket that helps the players to make use of spins as best as they possibly can. 

Yes – Selecting the Right Racket Makes a Difference!

If you get the right knowledge and information about tennis rackets of big stars and big names, both men and women, you will certainly understand that they pay a lot of attention to the spin components that their rackets are able to achieve.

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Even amateur players are paying quite a bit of attention to tennis rackets that offers quite a bit of spin. A combination of speed and spin could have a deadly impact and may even be able to fox the fittest, most experienced and most talented players.

There are many tennis racket manufacturers who are using new technologies to cater to the ever-growing demand for spin. 

There is something known as FSI Spin Technology that has found favor with some of the best known tennis players in the world who are classified as legends.

This special technology has tweaked the tennis racket a bit. It has spaced out the strings a bit more. This give that extra little bite as far as each shot is concerned. The players can generated that extra bite from any part of the ground, whether they are playing from the nets or engaging the opponents with long baseline rallies.

Though the difference might look very subtle, it certainly catches the attention of many players and even spectators who are able to watch the movement of the ball are quite appreciative and happy about it.

It is Slightly Different from the Standard Rackets 

If you are looking for that extra spin as a player, you must not that there are a few things that are different when compared to the standard rackets. The standard rackets are known to be comparatively lightweight.

They are easy to whip around and this creates that additional spin. On the other hand, the rackets that are built for spin focus more on stability and therefore could be a bit heavier.

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This heavy build coupled with slightly spaced out strings go a long way in making them perfectly suited for that additional degree of spin to add a new element of surprise when it comes to taking on opponents. 

Modified Rackets Offer a Combination of Speed and Spin

The conventional rackets that have been used for so many years, may offer some bit of spin but the focus has been more on speed and power.

However, when the new technology rackets where spin is a focus are integrated with the conventional rackets, the overall result is quite awesome and impressive.

When the tennis ball is hit with great speed and it also is able to generate reasonably significant amount of spin, it could be a big advantage to the players who are intelligent to understand this and make their racket choices accordingly.

Hence, it is quite obvious that changing from conventional rackets to a new variant that offers spin would be a good thing to do. Different rackets have different features and if you want to focus more on spin, it would be better to go in for modified versions of rackets that come with additional features. 

What to Consider When Choosing Special Rackets for Spin

The above would have given the readers some idea about the changes in tennis racket manufacturing technology that could help in better spin control coupled with other techniques and skills.

Apart from this, here are a few more points to keep in mind when choosing a special racket where spin is an important focus. 

Head Size of the Racket

Please understand that power of each shot is directly proportional to the head size. Larger head will obviously generate more power when compared to a racket with a smaller head.

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However, small head sizes are preferred by a few top ranking players because it given them better control. If you are planning to give the ball a surprising spin, it would be better to look for rackets with smaller heads.

There are special rackets that offer the best of big head size and spin capabilities. It would be better to look for these types of rackets if you wish to generate more spin without compromising too much on force, power and speed play. 

How Much Does Weight and Balance Matter?

Weight and balance are important because it determines how comfortable you are with it as a players.

As mentioned above, light rackets offer better control but if you want to exact more spin, especially when you are playing from the baseline, then you may do well to go in for a different type of racket that is slightly heavier.

It will be able to generate heavy top-spin and at the same time, the tennis ball will also whizz past the opponents.

This will give them very little time to adjust their movement and predict as to which direction the ball will move after pitching. 

The Final Word: While tennis matches mostly depend on speed of movement of the players and the power and speed that they are able to generate on their shots and of course their services, the role of spin cannot be ignored.

If you look at the success stories of top ranking players and also those who are serious amateurs, you will find that they are keen on looking for rackets that are different from the ordinary ones or the conventional ones.

With spin becoming more and more important as a surprise tool, it would be better to go in for rackets that offer this facility for players.

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