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Is It Worth Buying Bowling Shoes and Balls? (We Lay Down the Facts)

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with using some of the bowling shoes and balls at your local bowling alley?

You don’t know who’s been wearing those shoes last, and you certainly don’t know who has been sticking their fingers in those balls. These items might not perform as well as you would wish.

You should consider buying your own bowling shoes and bowling balls if you’re a frequent bowler. Having shoes and balls of your own will help you enjoy the game a little more, plus you could save money in the long run.

You’ll also feel more comfortable over knowing what you have to use when bowling. Some of the items you buy for yourself may also come with appealing features different from what an alley provides to its visitors.

Focus On Your Bowling Technique

The first reason you should buy your own bowling shoes and balls is that you’ll know what to expect when using them. This point goes beyond knowing that you’re the only person who has used these items.

Each pair of bowling shoes at an alley is different. Some shoes might have worn out a little faster due to so many people wearing them. Their soles can become frayed, and the laces might become loose. The level of traction will vary depending on what shoes you rent.

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By having your own pair, you’ll know what you’re entering into before you start. You’ll know how your shoes feel and what you can expect when getting ready to roll your ball.

The same point is true about bowling balls. The balls you find at a local alley can vary surrounding how many chips are around their bodies, how well the holes have worn, and whether they are covered in oil from the lanes.

You might not always find a ball with the right weight or hole size when you arrive at the alley. Buying your own ball is best, as you’ll have something predictable and easy to use.

Buying Your Own Bowling Shoes and Balls Gives You More Control

A bowling alley might not work all that much to maintain its shoes and balls. You might find plenty of balls with chips and cracks that might keep them from being functional.

Some shoes might also be dirty and could leave debris around the approach, making it harder for you to roll. Let’s not forget about the unappealing odors that might come from some shoes.

Having your own balls and shoes ensures you’ll have more control over your equipment. You can clean and buff your shoes to ensure they stay comfortable and that you won’t slip or spread anything around a space.

You can also maintain your own bowling ball by cleaning and polishing it after each use. Regular cleaning ensures you can remove all the oils and other items the ball gets in contact with when playing. You’ll need to remove these uncomfortable things from your ball to ensure your ball stays functional and that you can control it well.

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Better Variety When You Get to Chose What You Buy

You can find more variety in bowling balls and shoes that you can buy yourself instead of what an alley provides. Bowling balls are available in many styles and setups. You can find balls with different grip features in their holes.

Some bowling balls for sale can feature four holes, although that fourth hole is not for gripping. That fourth hole is a balance hole used to make the ball’s weight consistent with United States Bowling Congress standards.

You can also find bowling shoes in performance and athletic styles. An athletic shoe features a sliding sole and comes with a fit similar to traditional athletic sneakers.

A pair of performance shoes will feature one shoe designed for sliding while the other focuses on braking. You can find a pair of performance shoes with a left sliding shoe if you’re a right-handed bowler or a right sliding shoe if you bowl lefty.

You won’t find distinct athletic or performance shoes for rent at an alley, as that place would focus more on traditional shoes that don’t have any unique features.

Buying Your Own Bowling Gear Can Be a Cheaper Option In the Long Run

One of the best reasons for buying bowling shoes is that they aren’t as expensive as you might assume. When you visit your local alley, you might spend about $3 to $5 to rent a pair of shoes. But you can find bowling shoes for less money than you would expect today.

Various retailers and websites have bowling shoes available from $20 to $40 per pair. You’ll save more money by using the same shoes you bought than if you kept on renting pairs.

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A bowling ball won’t cost as much money as you would expect either. You can find a bowling ball for about $50 to $100 on average. High-end balls with customized images or text could cost $150 or more.

You could also get your bowling ball custom-drilled to fit your fingers, giving you the best possible fit when getting ready to roll.

It May Be a Necessity For Leagues

Have you considered joining a bowling league? Bowling leagues are fun social activities where people can get together for the love of the sport. They may also be profitable if you’re successful and you can win.

Many bowling leagues will require people to provide their own shoes and balls before they can play. You’ll need to show proof of these items before you can start.

A league will ask this of you to ensure you can provide a fair sense of competition and that you’ll have the right equipment on hand to help you perform well.

Having your own items could also be a good talking point with others in your league or team, as you can compare equipment with one another and talk about how to maintain everything well.

These points show that having a quality bowling ball and pair of shoes can make a real difference. You’ll have a better game and feel more comfortable with what you’re using when bowling. The long-term savings that come with your equipment especially make buying them worthwhile.