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Are Heavier Bowling Balls Better? (Answered And Useful Guide)

If you are buying a bowling ball then you must know the importance of its weight. Some people prefer to use a heavy bowling ball whereas some the lighter one. Though it is easy to control a ball with lightweight still a heavier ball is considered better because of its strike rate.

According to experts, though a lighter ball can be controlled and rolled easily. A heavier bowling ball can be the better choice for getting a good swing and for hooking.

Beginners are recommended to start with lighter balls and increase the weight of the ball gradually as they feel comfortable while aiming a strike with heavier balls.

 Benefits Of Using Heavier Bowling Balls

By nature, bowling balls are made heavy because they have to gain force as they are rolled down on the lane. But they should not be exceptionally big in size. When you choose a heavy bowling ball then you can avail of several benefits like:

  • Get a better strike: You can increase the chances of getting a better strike by using a heavy bowling ball. You can knock down more pins because your heavy ball has more weight to push it from behind. A heavy bowling ball can be the best choice for you if you want to achieve your goal with every strike.
  • Better hooking: A heavy ball makes it easier to hook as it pulls along itself. When the ball continues to roll on the lane an angular force increases can knock out more pins every time. You can make a trick shot to knock over the remaining pins.
  • Less deflection: Deflections can ruin your shot every time. But this deflection in the course can be reduced by using a heavy bowling ball. When you roll the ball on the lane then it will stick to its route. It can be beneficial for you or not depending upon the weight of the ball.
  • Easy to swing: The weight of the ball makes it easy for you to swing it. You can roll a heavy bowing ball with the help of your hands and arms. You can swing the ball until you can maintain a good posture.
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So, experts choose a heavy bowling ball to take advantage of its weight while rolling it on the lane.

How to Find The Best Weight of Bowling Ball For You?

There is no hard and fast rule to choose the bowling ball of the right weight as everyone is unique.

Still, while choosing the ball of the right weight you should follow the rule that the weight of the ball should not be more than 10% of the weight of the bowler.

However, this rule may or may not work for everyone as the weight of the body can widely vary with each person. Some people like to use heavier bowling balls because of the power generated by their weight.

According to them, a heavy bowling ball can increase the rate of striking the pins.

What Is The Best Weight Of a Bowling Ball?

It is not easy to answer this question precisely as the best weight of the ball changes with the weight of the bowler. A 6-pound ball will not be suitable for an adult and a kid will not feel easy with a 16-pound ball. So you will have to find the ideal weight of the bowling ball for you so that you can use it for a long time.

If you feel sore after throwing a heavy ball of 15-16 pounds for a long time then it will not be an ideal ball for you. But if you continue to use a heavy ball then you can increase the risk of getting injured even if the damage to ligaments can be protected by the bowling elbow braces.

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Though the process of determining the right weight of bowling ball for you can vary due to various factors like the present and past injuries, physical condition, and strength of the body still the information provided hereunder can help you in this regard.

  • For Kids: The weight of the bowling ball should correlate to the age of the kid. For instance, a 9-pound ball can be suitable for 9 years old kids whereas a 6-pound ball will be suitable for 6 years old kids. The bowling balls for kids should be controlled easily by the kids due to their lighter weight.
  • For Adults: Bowling balls from13 pounds weight and above can be suitable for adults with a decently shaped body. They can choose a ball of any range of weights if they are physically fit. However, they must feel comfortable while using them. They should undoubtedly use heavier bowling balls because they are easy to control, generate more power and their movement can be predicted.
  • For Senior Citizens: To avoid a much strain as possible on the body of senior citizens, they are not recommended to use heavy bowling balls. They are advised not to use balls of more than 13 pounds weight due to a decrease in the strength of their arms.

Why Use a Bowling Ball Of The Right Weight?

You can effectively improve your game by using a heavy ball correctly for a long time as it can be exceptionally beneficial for you.

By using heavier balls you can increase your strikes, increase action to carry pins, and back-end violence. But when you throw the ball poorly then it can highly affect the action of your pins as it can strike off one to 7 pins at a time.

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But it can be harmful to your overall health if you fail to know the right weight of bowling ball for you. If you are not comfortable with a heavy ball then it can affect your form which in turn can be harmful to you as it can increase the risk of injuries.

So the bowling ball you use should neither be too light in weight nor too heavy as in both cases, it can be disadvantageous for you and your game. However, it is better to use a heavier bowling ball if you are physically fit.