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Bowling Ball Polish Alternative – 5 Top Alternatives

A bowling ball may lose its luster after a few games. Some balls will after fifty games may not have the same performance it previously has. This is because of the oil and dirt that sets into the ball over time.

But with maintenance, you can keep its shine and its hook potential still as effective, and you will prolong its life in the process.

Bowling Ball and Polishing

If you are a professional player and know what your equipment is worth, you will not let go of your bowling ball cause this is the first thing that makes you score in the game. There are ways of maintaining the quality of a bowling ball, and one of them is through polishing.

Polishing removes the ring of oil around your bowling ball. This is the oil track absorbed by the ball every time you use it in the lane.

Some bowlers know of homemade degreaser, while other players buy polishers or finishing compounds.

Advantages of Polishing And Cleaning a Bowling Ball?

  • Provides a long-lasting shine.
  • Removes the haze on the ball’s surface.
  • Reduces clogs on the pores of the reactive bowling ball.
  • It produces a better bowling motion to the ball.
  • It keeps the ball clean and polished fast.
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Polish Alternatives For a Bowling Ball?

Simple Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber towels can absorb more oil than any usual towel does. It may cost more, but it is effective in absorbing the oil. It is beneficial when you want to polish your bowling ball every game.

This is the ideal way to care for your bowling ball, which is to wipe it up with a microfiber towel and don’t let the oil and grime from the lane sit on it for too long. Not to mention the sweat from your hands that clings to it every game.

Not cleaning the ball and polishing it after each game is how most bowling balls go to ruins.

Rubbing Alcohol

This is cheap and no need for mixing or using any other components to come up with a polishing compound. We can use alcohol in cleaning your bowling ball every after the game. Use a clean rug or a microfiber towel and pour a bit of alcohol, but make sure to use the alcohol sparingly. Just make sure that the rug is moist enough to wipe the whole ball.

Use the cloth to wipe the whole ball with it and then get another clean, dry towel to wipe off the remaining moisture from the ball. It will ensure that the remaining dirt and oil are removed from the ball.

Alcohol can be a quick fix to clean and polish the surface of the bowling bowl, and when you are out of budget to purchase the commercial cleaners available. It may do some cleaning, but it is not a solution for a complete degreaser.

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Use of Dawn Dish Liquid as Grease and Oil Cleaner

Dawn dish liquid is a well-known degreaser, and it lifts oil easily. Some bowlers swear on its degreasing power, while others are still doubtful of its effectiveness.

You need to prepare a bucket full of hot tap water that can submerge the ball in. Add a few drops of Dawn dish liquid to the mix and let it bubble. Slowly place the ball inside (make sure that you have taped and sealed the finger holes with waterproof tape) and let it soak for 15 to 20 minutes while slowly spinning the ball.

When removing the bowling ball after, ensure you have a good grip on the slippery ball. Get a dry and clean hand towel to dry the bowling ball thoroughly. When you see a good amount of oil on top of the water, you may need to repeat the soaking until there is no more oil rising on the surface.

Use another clean towel to dry off the bowling ball, and a microfiber towel may be used as the last step to ensure that the ball will be shiny afterward.

Windex With Alcohol

It is an approved cleaning agent by the US Bowling Congress. It is used to spray the surface of the bowling ball to keep its exterior clean. Wiping it with a microfiber after is ideal.

Spraying the ball with alcohol is the next step, and you can wipe it again with a clean, microfiber towel. This will help remove the remaining oil on the surface of the bowling ball.

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This is also another quick fix when you want to remove the dirt from your bowling ball that makes it look worn out. Windex will work best when paired with alcohol.

Use of Simple Green with some Isopropyl Alcohol

By mixing one-third of equal parts of Simple Green, Isopropyl Alcohol, and water and placing it in a spray bottle may clean the bowling ball directly. Use a clean towel to wipe off the excess solution and ensure no more dirt and oil left afterward.

However, even with frequent cleaning, your bowling ball may still have some oil left. If you feel that your bowling ball is not reacting as it should, maybe it is time for a deep clean and must be handled by a professional to bake the oil out.

How Often Do You Need to Polish and Keep Your Bowling Balls Clean?

The performance of your bowling ball will be the telling factor on the frequency cause some balls are still as good as the day they were purchased. Some bowling balls, however, do not work as perfectly.

When players need consistency while bowling, a ball that is in top condition is the key to help you trust your aiming when you are bowling to help you trust your aiming when you are bowling. There are also cover stock issues one needs to take action on. Some bowling balls are more worn out than others and require frequent cleaning.

Re-polishing and scuffing the ball every ten games are effective and need cleaning after each game to help remove the clinging oil, dust, and grime from it.

Some lanes may also have various conditions, and more oil may have been used in other lanes. It will cause more oil to cling to your bowling balls and requires added cleaning and polishing.