Bowling curved ball

At What Skill Level Should I Be Trying To Curve a Bowling Ball?

Bowling is a fun yet straightforward sport that began in ancient Egypt and gained popularity during the Roman Empire era. It typically involves players taking turns to roll a ball in a bid to hit standing targets. 

According to recent demographics, at least 67 million individuals bowl at least once per year. People widely love this sport because it is all-inclusive, has low barriers to entry, and has a social appeal.

People of all ages can bowl as long as they have the power can hold and roll the ball. Additionally, this games’ equipment is relatively inexpensive compared to other sports such as golf. 

Bowling offers indoor and outdoor options. You can play lawn bowls, carpet bowls, boules, bocce, or petanque and still enjoy the same exhilarating experience. Some people bowl for recreational purposes, whereas others play in professional leagues. 

Regardless of why people bowl, one thing is universal among all players; they always want to improve their skills and expertise in this game. One ability widely revered by people who bowl is curving a bowling ball. 

This article will look at how at what player-level people should be when attempting this ability. It will also explore how to curve a bowling ball and the best balls that make it easier for you to learn this skill. 

What Player Level Should I Be When Attempting This Skill? 

As stated earlier, virtually anyone can bowl, so there are no skill level restrictions on who can attempt curving a bowling ball. Nowadays, even young children can quickly learn this skill and enjoy themselves every time they bowl. 

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However, before you can start curving the ball as you bowl, you need to learn how to hit the target correctly. You can master how to consistently strike the pins by identifying a specific spot and slowly use the board markings to improve your aim. 

If you wish to comprehend how to bowl hook balls, you can start today regardless of your skill level. Having confidence and paying attention to your strikes can significantly help you master this skill faster. 

How To Curve a Bowling Ball

There is one basic technique of hooking a ball as you bowl. However, if you want to curve the ball like a pro, you need to understand the dynamic factors that help balls spin. For instance, the type of bowling ball you use can significantly affect the curving process. 

It would be best to have a personal ball that is easily customizable and drill holes that perfectly fit your fingers. A good ball should only provide a fingertip grip and not a full-finger grip.

Nowadays, most shops offer free personalized frilling when you purchase a new ball. You can also take your bowling ball to a professional sports shop where an expert can accurately drill the finger holes.

Once this practice is over, you can start learning and mastering how to curve a ball as you bowl. Here is a guide on throwing curveballs once you perfect rolling straight balls. 

  • 1. Start by recalling the footwork timing and swing action you use on your straight balls. Also, remember to keep your arms completely straight as you swing and focus on the arrow lane you want to target with the ball.
  • 2. Approach the bowling lanes as you would when making a straight throw, but when you reach the bottom of your swing, pull out your thumb before removing the other fingers. The thumb will only reduce the spin’s intensity, and hence you need to remove it before applying the spinning motion.
  • 3. Spin your fingers upwards along the outside of the bowling ball and release it while directing its spin with two fingers. The release should ideally occur at a seven o’clock position, and your arm should continue upwards till it reaches the 12 o’clock position. As you roll the ball, keep your sight locked on the arrow you want to hit. 
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4. Keep practicing as you bowl and try to learn how to adjust the degree of the curve by adjusting the timing of your release. If you still can’t achieve a hook as you bowl, try changing your footwork, experimenting with different balls, and varying your hand or wrist positioning.

Is it Better to Curve a Bowling Ball?

Curved balls provide you with better pin elimination action compared to straight balls. You have a higher probability of hitting more pins when you bowl a curved ball than when you roll a straight ball. 

When you bowl in a straight line, the ball only knocks down pins by pushing them back. Neighboring pins may be unaffected by this type of force, and you may notice that you only create narrow paths each time you throw the ball. 

On the other hand, applying a spin during bowling helps to create a gyroscopic effect. It means your ball will maintain the axis you aimed for while generating a spin force. This force encourages neighboring pins to fall over sideways when the ball passes nearby. 

What Is The Best Bowling Ball For Curving? 

As mentioned earlier, the ball you use can significantly improve or worsen your curve. Most bowlers use a polyester and plastic ball offered by the bowling alley that needs a high-power swing to provide a spin.

It is also hard to replicate curves when using such balls, and you can easily over-exert yourself and predispose yourself to injury.

If you wish to quickly and effectively learn how to throw a hook, it will help if you bought a reactive-resin ball. Such balls are widely available in professional sports shops, and they cost about $100, whereas others are more costly.

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Reactive-resin balls have a durable porous exterior that provides additional grip as they roll down the lanes. This added traction helps your ball maintain its trajectory as it spins towards the pins. Plastic balls have hard and smooth surfaces that lessen traction and accuracy. 

Learning the hook ball technique requires concentration and plenty of practice. Start by attempting small curves, and you will slowly learn how to throw unforgettable hooks. In closing, remember it’s always better to achieve spins consistently than occasionally, so start practicing today.