Used golf balls on the grass

How Long Does It Take a Golf Ball To Wear Out On Average?

A golf ball can last long even up to seven full 18-hole rounds if there is no damage to its cover. But due to the impact made to it in every game, it can wear out before it has been enjoyed by the player or the owner. 

The golf ball can crack on impact, especially if a player who has a high swing speed can double the power of each swing. 

Sometimes the golf ball will appear worn out after a few use, while another golf ball is still usable after many rounds of golf. 

Do Golf Balls Wear Out?

When golf balls are used with much intensity or often hit rocks, cart paths, or trees, they will show scuff marks and a possibility of appearing worn out. 

It can also wear out fast, depending on the type of material used as ball coverage. Some materials used may be softer and cause the golf ball to have scratches and marks that make it appear overused. 

Are 20-Year-Old Golf Balls Still Good?

Unused golf balls that are stored well at a perfect temperature can last for up to 10 years. If it is over 10- years, there might be a difference in its performance. 

It is also not advisable to store it in extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold, cause it will have a negative effect.

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Storing your golf ball correctly will make a difference in its longevity. The best way is to be informed and prevent storing your golf balls in the following places. 

Where To Store Golf Balls

It is a bad idea to keep your golf ball hidden in the trunk cause when the heat starts, the golf ball is there getting baked. Doing this once is forgivable, but making your car trunk their permanent storage is a no-no. 

Storage where it can be submerged in water. Letting your golf balls get submerged in water for over 12 hours will let the water seep through as it slowly weakens the ball’s outer layer. It will also affect the driving distance of your golf balls

Outside in harsh weather. Whether it is cold or scorching hot weather outside, leaving your golf balls in such conditions can make a difference in their performance. If you leave it outside for a while, you are sure to notice changes and decline in its functioning. 

How long will unused golf balls last? Unused golf balls if stored at room temperature and kept clean and dry in a shelf or storeroom can last for up to 10 years. 

New technologies are used for recently made golf balls, and manufacturers are continually making advances with their cutting-edge improvements. If you have golf balls stored for several years, you may find them lacking once you use them at the golf course. 

How To Test The Performance Of Your Golf Balls?

Bounce Test

It is comparing the old golf ball with the new golf ball and checking the bouncing capacity of each. 

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The newer golf ball will have more bounce as compared to your old golf ball. 

Ensure that you are letting both balls fall at the same height, and your older golf ball should not have too low performance. 

If your old golf ball still has its bounce and is not far behind with the newer golf ball, it is still dependable to use. 


When you use your golf club to hit the golf ball, hear an audible sound that is crisp and clear. The vibrations rattling with the impact of the golf club on the ball caused the sound. 

If you don’t hear any sound or the impact makes a soft noise, this may mean the golf ball cover is compromised. 

There is also another sound made with every impact of the golf club to the ball but still audible, which means it is on its way to being replaced by newer golf balls. 

Floating Capacity

Seawater is the best telling material to check if your golf ball is already disposable. If you have access to seawater, you can fill up a container to check whether your golf ball will float. 

If there is no seawater available, tap water will do with the right amount of salt to imitate seawater conditions. Once the ball floats, then it means you can still use it as it will perform perfectly with its cover still intact. 

If you notice your golf ball sinks and air bubbles appear, there is a microfracture at the cover. The golf ball is no longer dependable.

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Chipped Surface

Some golf balls may have breaks that are not noticeable. The cover may already have a minute breakage, but it is hard to detect. 

It is best to check your golf balls for any scratches and examine if there are any chipped spots you need to be aware of. 

Throw the ball away cause there is no way it will give you an outstanding performance. 

It Is Not Going The Distance

When you hit the golf ball with all your strength, and it just moves a few feet away, this may mean something. 

A golf ball should go as far as you want them to when you hit them, but if not and there is damage, you can expect it to go a few distances, and it will change your performance as well. 

There are range finders you can use to point out what distance you are expecting your golf balls to go and if fails it is probably time for your golf balls to rest.

Another no-no to remember when using your golf ball is not using a wet club with it. If it suddenly drizzles while you are playing, it is best to have a spare towel that you can use to wipe your club dry before you hit the golf ball.

A wet golf club can speed the wear and tear of the golf ball on every contact. Each swing can lead to ball chipping, and it may force you to buy a new set of golf balls.