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What Are The Differences Between Running Shoes And Basketball Shoes?

They make shoes for running intended for straight-line movement, while basketball shoes need support for lateral movement.

Running shoes need cushioning and support, so every time the user is using the shoes, they have full support ground impact.

However, there is little support for the ankle in running shoes, and the traction of running shoes differs from that of the basketball shoes cause running shoes cannot be used safely on the basketball court.

They double the traction in running shoes, so there is a quality of sticking to the surface, and they do not need this in the basketball court.

Are There Significant Difference Between Basketball Shoes And Running Shoes?

Running shoes differ from basketball shoes in terms of weight, design, and comfortability. Some even mentioned that their running shoes feel like they are not wearing shoes at all while competing. 

Flexibility in running shoes is vital cause you can get injured by using shoes that are too stiff. The shoe must be pliable where some are even bendable. 

With the technology nowadays, running shoes have become more lightweight without compromising the cushion and protection it provides. More and more manufacturers are making running shoes that are almost weightless and highly comfortable while users are wearing them. 

Basketball shoes, on the other hand, have full support for the lateral movement which is often the movement used during basketball games. The basketball shoes provide ample support for the ankles and have a mid or high top design.

Also, the shoes used for basketball allow for fluid movement yet providing a solid grip on the floor and were designed for intensive use. 

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A basketball player also needs a shoe that can support constant jumping, switching foot direction, stopping, and continuous running inside the court. Basketball shoes are also bulkier, and some may be heavier because of the materials used in their manufacture. 

Basketball shoes are also not interchangeable as running shoes because of the difference in the quality of cushion and padding used in running shoes. The basketball shoes sometimes have a heavier weight as compared to running shoes. Although you can run long distances with basketball shoes, your feet will hurt without the sole and arch protection. You may even have an ankle injury in the long run. 

Running shoes do not have the right design to cushion the impact of every jumping and constant running with a basketball game. High jumps also contribute impact to the shoes and running shoes is just not ideal for this type of sports.

Comparison between Running Shoes And Basketball Shoes

Running Shoes:

  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Better Traction
  • High-quality tread for perfect balancing
  • Full cushion and provide comfort
  • Soles with better grip

Basketball Shoes:

  • Flexible
  • Shock absorbent
  • Allows multi-directional motion
  • Tread that enables effortless movement
  • Protects from slipping
  • Bulkier and sometimes a bit heavier
  • Impact protection from high jumping, lay-up, dunking, among others. 

What To Consider When Buying Sports Shoes

Getting the right shoes for the sports you will take part in means protection from injury and enhanced performance. 

There are many types of sports shoes to choose from depending on the sports, and some users even interchange the use of some shoes they purchase. 

  • Durability. Tall players and those who have heavier sizes need to look for durable shoes, comfortable, and stable cause they need that extra support. They can’t afford to buy a certain type of shoes that will unravel with their first use. 
  • Cushion. Some brands offer better cushion than others, but this will come with an dded cost. The cushion will protect the heel and the footpad since these are the part of the foott that receives an impact from jumping and running. Sometimes other shoes may even have extra padding or removable cushion for those who prefer added buffer. 
  • Material. You may need to consider what you want for shoe materials and depend on what sports you will join cause some materials are light while others are heavier. There are also features such as greater flexibility and breathability for some. Breathable materials are preferred for those players who don’t like moisture in their shoes, though socks can help, this feature is still an edge. 
  • Right Fit. This is what you should be careful when purchasing your shoes cause you don’t need any sports shoes that would give you pain while you are doing any activity if it is tight-fitting or shoes that you need to put so many cushions to make it well-fitting. Your shoes should be able to give you that flexibility, comfort, and without the restriction that we sometimes get from some shoe brands. 
  • Support. What support will you be needing while playing the sports? They provide ankle support when you choose high-top shoes, and having low top shoes will give you flexibility and will not restrict your movement. It will also provide midsole support. You should know what will work for you and for the sport that you will be playing. 
  • Traction and Grip. This is important for sports such as basketball, running, volleyball, or even futsal. They make other shoes for indoor and outdoor play so you can find this type of shoes. The grip matters cause without this, you may slip or slide and can have an injury. Traction makes the shoe more capable of easy pulling and, at the same time, it can stay fixed in one place. 
  • Price. The best athletic shoes today are also the most expensive. We can attribute this to the endorser of the shoes and may cause the price of the shoes to double. 
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But some shoes are being offered in the market that is priced high because of their high-quality built from the features and the materials, everything is well thought of. 

An expensive pair of shoes can be something that you can wear for years and which will save you money instead of buying one to replace the low-quality, and cheap shoes now and then. 

Maybe you can interchange some sports shoes to an extent, even enjoy it for one or two uses. But when the injury comes knocking at the door, you will suddenly realize that you should have been more patient and determined in finding “the shoe that fits”. 

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