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Why Do Bowling Balls Spin? (4 Best Tips And General Advice)

Bowling is one of the most exciting games that you can play for sake of entertainment and fun. Whether you have watched experienced professionals playing or some casual enthusiasts bowling, you will notice something is different about the bowling balls.

The bowling ball can spin in a very different way as you roll it over the alley. But why do these balls spin? To know about it and how you can master the art of hooking the ball in the right way, read on. Though this technique is not easy to master, you can definitely try hard to achieve that.

What Are The Reasons That Bowling Balls Spin?

The spin of the bowling ball, here, refers to the rotation of the ball along its own axis when it rolls over the lane. The way it spins, depends a lot on the way the player release it.

The main reason why these balls spin is because of the rotating axis which gradually starts to tilt upwards. This can help to create a hook delivery that will enter the pin deck at a certain angle. This can also increase the chance of getting a strike. 

Also, when the bowler releases the ball, due to the torque and the motion, the ball starts to spin. It depends a lot on the placement of the fingers while holding the ball. Hence, it is very important to choose the right ball too.

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The grip plays a major role in the rotation or spinning of the ball. In the final split second when you release the ball, you will impart the rotation over to the ball. 

How To Spin A Bowling Ball Perfectly?

As mentioned above, the bowling balls can spin on its own but it depends more on the way the bowler releases it.

Hence, you have to have a clear understanding about how you can spin the ball to get the strike. Though it will take a lot of time to master the technique flawlessly, you need to try.

Here are some of the important tips that you have to keep in mind for spinning the ball in the right way:

Tip 1: Holding The Bowling Ball Properly

Not everyone knows that the way you hold or grab the ball is extremely important. For that, you also have to select the right ball with suitable weight.

You have to hold the ball with your dominant hand, be it your right hand or the left one. Now, you need to put the ring finger and the middle finger into the two upper holes of the ball.

Make sure that the holes allow you to slide your finger easily and smoothly. If it is too tight, then you need to change the ball. Now, put the thumb into the hole under those two holes.

The pressure of the ball should rest entirely on the middle and ring finger. 

Tip 2: Identify The Pockets

In bowling, the pockets are actually the space between two bowling pins.

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If you are a left-handed person, then the pocket will be between the number 1 pin and the number 2 pin. And for the right-handers, the pocket is the space that comes between the number 1 pin and the number 3 pin.

You have to locate and determine the pockets properly so that you can aim or target them in the right way with the ball.

Tip 3: Be Careful With Your Grip

Once you have determined where you have to hit, you have to ensure the style of grip that you want to use. There can be two types of grip – a relaxed grip and a strong grip.

The relaxed grip can produce a much straighter roll with the minimal hook. If you don’t want to spin the ball much, then this is a perfect grip. The relaxed grip makes your hand flexed back at the wrist so that you will be able to pass the ball in a forward swing.

The strong grip makes the hand bend forward. Here the ball tends to get a lot more spin and a greater hook than the relaxed one. So, it is up to you (the player) which one you will want. 

Tip 4: Keep Your Arm Steady And Straight

Before you roll the bowling balls over the lane, you will have to swing the arm back and then forth releasing the ball. While you make a backswing, make sure to keep your arm and wrist completely straight and steady.

This will help you to deliver and release the ball in the best possible way. The spin, being an important part of the bowling, you have to ensure that you are mastering the hand techniques to get the right spin. 

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Getting The Right Spin In Bowling

Of course, if you are a beginner, getting the ultimate perfection will take time. You have to keep certain things in mind. Thumb is the first finger that will come out of the ball.

Once you release the thumb and delivers the ball to the lane, it gets the required torque which helps them to spin perfectly. When you are releasing the ball, make sure to rotate your hand slightly, especially from the wrist.

It is better to give a 15 degree rotation which will help the ball to spin at its best. The rotation must be done at counterclockwise direction for the right-handed players and it should be clockwise for all the left-handed players.

Final Thoughts

Now, you exactly know why the bowling balls spin and how you can spin it. Though many beginners cannot do this spin in the right way, they can gain expertise with practice.

You need to understand the right way to spin. Following the above mentioned steps or tips can help you to spin the bowling ball in the right way to make a strike. The spin is all above the positioning of the fingers and the rotation of the wrist.

This can help you to get the best result and score maximum in the bowling game. Pick up the ball now and start practicing! You can surely get it done in no time.

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