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How Much Difference Does An Expensive Putter Make In Golf?

Technically, the answer is yes. Psychologically, using an expensive golf putter usually boost the player’s confidence since most people believe that costly putters are better; hence they’ll execute better strokes. 

What Matters When Buying A New Putter?

Any golfer understands that every aspect of a golf game can highly affect the outcome of the game. If you slightly make a poor tee off the drive, your ball can disappear, while draws and slices on the fairway can cause dangers such as sand and knee-high grass. 

The green is also a very critical aspect that mostly requires the golfer to have not only high-end skills but also reliable and well-functioning golf clubs, such as putters. The length, design, balance, and weight of these clubs have a high ability to make or destroy your golf game.

This article will extensively expound on putters and how their expensiveness can determine their functionality, longevity, and reliability. If you’re a regular golfer, probably by now, you must have asked yourself these questions; how much difference does an expensive putter make in golf? Does the price really determine the performance of putters?

What Makes One Putter Better Than The Other?

If a golf ball skids after hitting it, there’s a high chance that it will not fall on the mark you intended it to follow. Any golfer would want it to roll smoothly, direct, and straight. For this reason, a putter’s loft is pivotal. 

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Due to the golf’s ball weight, it usually forms a depression after sitting on the golf green. With a loft lift, the ball will have a smooth and unobstructed roll. Therefore, you’ll need a putter with a better loft to aid ball lifting. Such putters have angles ranging between 30-60. 

If you have a putter with an appropriate loft, you’re sure of making better and accurate strokes, and most expensive putters have just the right loft you require for a smooth golf game.

Advantages Of Using Expensive Putters In Golf

Most expensive putters have an outstanding balance, good grip, and a decent heft; all created precisely for the clubface to be square. Expensive golf clubs like putters usually have accurate lofts since the manufacturers know how badly the players need them. 

Other putter faces are designed in a way that can aid the rolling of the ball. Putters with higher price tags have customizations that allow the player to adjust its height and size to fit the player’s preference and strokes execution method. 

Golfers have varying playing techniques; some swing more while others move upright back and forth. Such factors can have a notable effect on your golf game. Therefore, it would be best to strongly consider your preferences and playing mode before obtaining a golf putter. 

Some of the things to consider are; the size of the playing surface, your height, strokes execution method, how you prefer your putter to feel, and arm length. A good putter should be able to provide high-end feedback, allowing the player to feel out, get motivated, and adjust any mishaps in your playing technique and skills.

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What Else To Consider When Obtaining A Putter.

Consistent practicing is the only secret to perfect on the skills of a golf game. For this reason, you might not want to go for a cheap and temporary putter because you’ll need a putter that will sustain all your training and other golf games. 

There are very cheap putters ranging from $11-$50, but they’re mostly unreliable, weak, and lack essential features that the putters which cost more than $100 possess. The most reliable and high-quality putters usually cost more than $300. These putters have specialized designs plus other critical specifications for a golf game. 

Besides the cost, it’s also critical to consider the weather of your playing or training location. For example, golf players from cold, snowy, and rainy regions should ensure they procure putters explicitly designed for their region’s surfaces. 

It’s crucial to remember that a putter is among the main and essential golf clubs you’ll have for a very long time because they don’t undergo more wear and tear like other golf clubs. Other modest and basic putters have been redesigned to be better. But the truth is better putters don’t improve or change your golf game. You should find a putter that makes you feel comfortable and better. That’s the secret!

If you have a putter that feels this way, don’t change it out. Some people have this one putter that they love so much because they can feel their shots when moving to the green surface, and it has super performance. Nevertheless, procuring expensive putter brands will give you the experience and feeling your current best putter offers. 

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The idea of expensive brands and putters relies more on the psychology and mentality other than the expensiveness and spiffy golf putter brands. It’s all about finding a putter that fits your preference and height well. 

Reasons Why Expensive Putters Are Worth The High Price

I know by now you’re probably wondering why you should go for a costlier putter when you can be comfortable with a cheap one. Here are several reasons why putters with higher prices are more worthy than the less-expensive ones;


One common feature of these two putters is that producers can alter their faces with various inserts, which then changes the lines or alignment aids above the putter. 

After several years later, another feature emerged, where users can adjust the weight of the putter’s head, thus improving the swing weight. 

Mallet putters are more preferred because of their large head size, allowing the addition of other features. 


Today, many putter manufacturers use varying materials to create golf putters. High-end putters are created from cast steel with an evenly milled clubface to have an even and perfect look. Some putters are even made in zinc, titanium, bronze, aluminum, brass, and copper. Other producers even have stone and custom putters.


Expensive putters are an extremely worthwhile and thoughtful investment for any golfer. They have better lofts and features and are made from high-quality materials that make them more durable and highly effective.

However, it’s best to go for a putter that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.  

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