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What Is The Difference Between Tour And Regular Golf Clubs?

Golf was once a sport of the elite and privileged. However, it has now become more broad-based as the popularity of the sport increased with each passing day. It is no longer restricted to the rich and wealthy.

There have been many players from average backgrounds who have been able to make their presence felt as reasonably good golfers at the local club levels, state levels, national levels and finally at international levels.

Further, when we look at the history and practices of many golfers we might have been disappointed to find that most of them were leaning towards men’s golf. Women’s golf, however, has emerged quite strongly from the shadows of men.

Today, there are dozens of women golfers who have set the grass on fire in many tour and regular golf clubs across the country and also in many countries of the world.

There are many things that go into making a talented golfer successful. While basic skills, understanding the golf course, the wind speed, and other such things are of paramount importance, having the right equipment and accessories is also vital.

When we refer to golfing accessories, the most important one without any doubt is being in a position to understand and choose the right golf clubs. Choosing the right golf club could make all the difference.

There are basically two different types of golf clubs, regular and the ones that are used for tours. Let us have a look at each of them from close quarters so that the readers are able to make use of the same based on their specific requirements, needs, objectives and long term goals.

What Are Regular Golf Clubs?

Let us begin by understanding something more about the regular golf clubs. These clubs are also referred to as standard golf clubs. These regular golf clubs are basically for those people who would like to spend their weekend in some exciting sporting event.

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They are basically for those who are keen on killing time. Most people who use these regular golf clubs are not professionals nor do they nurture any dream to become successful and professional golfers. In fact it would be pertinent to mention here that more than 99% of people choose these regular golf clubs.

In other words, these clubs are designed with the main objective of swinging their arms around. They are not designed to cater to the specific needs and requirements that are part of any competitive tournaments. The clubs are not designed for that.

They could at best help those who are keen on spending the weekends, dressed up well and being in a position to move around the golf clubs to the fascination of their family members and others. These clubs are not designed to develop and hone special golfing skills.

What Do These Regular Clubs Offer?

While there is no doubt that these clubs may not help big names and skills to emerge, they may help in learning the basics of the game. The golf clubs for these regulars are designed in such a way that it helps to motivate the beginners in a few ways.

These golf clubs come with some special features that keep the interest levels on for these beginners and perhaps not so serious players. The golf clubs are lighter and there are some more features that help these novices to have a go at the game, even if it is not for serious purposes.

The Importance of Sweet Spot In Golf Clubs

To make it interesting and invigorating for beginners, many of the regular golf clubs have something known as sweet spots. This helps in making it easier for the new players to move the ball quite a distance either in the air or off the golf turf.

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They also offer something known as offset that helps promote a ball flight that is straighter and more predictable. This is done with the main objective of reducing slice which often leads to misses even from experienced and well-trained golfers.

However, it is quite obvious that if you are keen on becoming a serious golfer and move up the levels, then using regular golf clubs beyond a certain point may not be of much help.

At best these regular golf clubs can help a few serious players to know more about the rules and regulations governing the game and learn a few basic lessons like holding the golf stick properly and so on.

What Are Tour Golf Clubs?

Tour golf clubs are the ones for those who are serious about the game and would like to hone it and take it to the next higher level. Most well-known and reputed players are products of these tour golf clubs because it teaches them to be in touch with the basic equipment that is needed for a competitive environment. 

In other words, whenever we refer to a tour club, we are talking about players who are reasonably well-versed with the game and have developed reasonable skill sets and competence levels.

They also would have played on a tour or could be competent to take part in mini-tours and have the wherewithal and capability to take part in a competitive golf tournament.

Tour Golf Clubs Come With Special Features

Compared to regular golf clubs, the tour clubs have tougher attributes. However, they offer the right kind of practicing opportunity and they can easily practice their heart out for hours at length. They are free to hit the golf ball as per their needs.

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They also do not have the kind of sweet spots that the routine or regular golf clubs have. The lack of sweet spots is a blessing in disguise for serious minded golfers. They can practice hard and improve their skill set apart from honing their special areas of proficiency slowly over a period of time.

Further, these golf clubs are made to be in line with international standards and therefore over a period of time, they will be quite proficient in using these tournament level golf clubs. They come in different shapes, sizes and other attributes and the players can choose the ones that suit their needs and make them feel comfortable.

Final Words

To sum up, there is no doubt that there are some basic differences between regular golf clubs and the golf clubs that are used in tournaments.

Hence, it may not be right to get carried away by the superfluous looks because there are obviously differences with regard to sweet spot, weight, height and other such attributes.

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