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Can Tennis Shoes Be Used For Running? (Important Pros And Cons)

Yes, there are many people who use tennis shoes for running and other purposes. In fact, some running and exercise experts believe that tennis shoes could be a great option for those who are regular in running, walking and other cardio exercises.

Let us take a closer look at advantages and disadvantages. You are not going to want to miss this.

There could be situations where you could see your expensive tennis shoes lying in a corner unused. You may be wondering whether it can be used for your daily running exercises and other light workouts.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Tennis Shoes For Running

If you are a long distance runner, you may not find tennis shoes too comfortable. On the other hand, if you are regular in those morning running activities covering a few kilometers just to keep your body in the best of condition, then you may have some good reasons to choose tennis shoes.

However, you have to bear in mind that tennis shoes are not made for running. This is because they are flat and do not have any heel raise. Having said this, they could be used for running but only for short distances.

We are listing down some common benefits of using tennis shoes for daily running that is not too tough and demanding.

Though tennis shoes are designed and constructed differently to suit this sport, there are a few things that could help runners. For example, all tennis shoes come with outside edges that are rounded.

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This could help those who are regularly into short bursts of running. This rounded outside edge could help in preventing twisting of ankles roughly. This may happen once in a while because of the flat surface that makes up tennis shoes.

There are many runners who use tennis shoes to run just from a psychological angle. They wear these shoes perhaps to intimidate the other runners who may have spent a lot of money buying those fancy running shoes. In most cases, these tennis shoes are good enough for running and should not be much of a problem.

Tennis Shoes Are Lightweight

One of the biggest advantages of tennis shoes is that they are extremely lightweight. They are also from some reputed brands that have stood the test of time.

When you have a lightweight shoe when running, you will be able to relax and also when you are into other forms of training and gym related activities. Further, the tennis shoes are made with special material as far as the uppers are concerned.

In most cases, it is a combination of 30% leather and 70% mesh fabric that is imported. The materials as mentioned above, makes you feel relaxed when you run with the shoes on.

The shoes are durable and are of the best quality and therefore running will not only be comfortable but at the same time you also will save money that you may have spent buying a pair of running shoes.

A Few More Reasons Why Many People Are Happy Using Tennis Shoes For Running?

Here are few more reasons why tennis shoes are often used as running shoes:

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Best of technology – Almost all tennis shoes come with the best of GEL Resolution technology 5, This feature offers improved fit and also ensures better flexion as far as the entire shoe is concerned. It also comes with special upper design.

This goes a long way in stabilizing the ankles and reduces the problem associated with high impact. Further, they also come with special rear foot and forefoot GEL cushioning technology.

This goes a long way in providing much better shock absorption especially during impact and when the feet are in the toe-off stage.

They are comfortable. When you are running you would like to be wearing shoes that are comfortable. Runners often face constant friction and stress.

If they choose a cheap and worn-down pair of shoes they will surely feel uncomfortable and it could also lead to blisters and other such problems. However, those who wear tennis shoes have not complained about these problems.

On the whole almost all tennis shoes are comfortable for runners. They may not have the comfort innovations of costly running shoes but nonetheless they are quite comfortable even when they are worn for long periods of time.

Upper Fit With Biomorphic Construction

Runners often face when it comes to having the right cooperation between the upper part of the shoes and the soles. However, when you choose a good tennis shoe, you may be spared of this problem.

This is because almost all tennis shoes come with biomorphic fit upper technology. This technology helps the feet to fit snugly inside the shoes. It also comes with breathable meshes while ensuring that both sides of the foot are adequately wrapped and covered.

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They also come with a dynamic lacing system and when all these things are taken into account, you can be reasonably confident that it will adequately lock the food without causing any discomfort when running.

The Sturdy Construction Of Tennis Shoes

Though some running shoes come with exciting features, they are a bit heavy in construction.

The objective may be to offer better protection to the feet but it could slow down the movement of the feet when a person is running. However, when you go in for a tennis running shoe, you will not have this problem.

These shoes are famous for being lightweight and at the same time they also are quite sturdy and tough as far as construction is concerned.

Yes, tennis shoes also suffer from wear and tear, but even if they are worn out, the basic features and the technologies that go in the making of these shoes remain intact. So, you can still use them with some basic repairs and renovations.

Tennis Shoes Are Versatile

Finally, there is one more reason for the growing popularity of tennis shoes. They are extremely versatile. This helps in offering increased comfort, stability and also could play a big role in improving speed and overall sole geometry.

It is clear from the above that though there are some basic differences between running shoes and tennis shoes, tennis shoes can comfortably be used for running.

However, as mentioned above, it may not work well for long distance runners because they need special shoes that can take care of fatigue and shock absorption when running long distances.

Tennis shoes are good for those who run daily for keeping their health in good shape. 

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