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How Do People Track Their Golf Balls? (6 Best Pro Tips)

Let’s suppose you purchase a brand new golf ball set with new box and at the round’s end you’ve lost 3 balls. Well, it is quite frustrating to see your 3 expensive golf balls getting lost, and to avoid such instances the best thing would be to have a track of all the golf balls so you’re not losing it again.

There are various important steps that can be followed for keeping golf balls and a few of these are quite simple. Here we’re mentioning a few tips that can be used for keeping the ball in fairway and with a little bit more of these you can get your ball if it isn’t ending up rough. 

Here are four things that can be done for keeping golf ball track:

  • You can watch the ball land and also find yourself a marker. 
  • You won’t have tunnel vision for looking on the ball. 
  • You can have a partner for watching the ball and then confirming landing spot. 
  • Make sure to wear right pair of shades. 

Upon following such measures you won’t have a lot of trouble in keeping golf balls. These sound quite simple but you’d get surprised on how people overlook at them. Here are the best measures to follow for stopping losing many balls. 

You Can Watch The Golf Ball Land

The very first thing that you’ll need to do would be clearly seeing the ball land, even when you know that it is in play. Golfers do this often to minimize the chances of ball getting out of sight and eventually lost. While it might sound really simple and straightforward it helps. 

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When the ball has landed you’ll have to search for a market close so you’re easily able to get the idea for when it is good to walk towards it. This can be a bunker, a tree, a mound or whatever you’re able to spot. 

This can be especially followed in winter when balls become plugged. 

You can get in habit of watching the ball land down.

Avoid Tunnel Vision When You Search For Your Golf Balls

Another thing to do is to not have tunnel vision when you’re searching for the ball. Also I’m sure that you’re searching for anything specific in the fridge and won’t be able to find it, and also someone else can take a look and also spot this right away.

If you’re walking while looking down straight, you’ll have tough time while finding the ball. Make sure to calm down, relax and make a quick area scan when you’re walking. It’s good to have a general idea about the area so go slow and carefully observe the field from all angles. 

Now, this also might sound a simple thing to do, you’d get surprised about its effectiveness. If you don’t wish to do this as the first thing it is also tough. All these work together so you have to get in habit of paying attention. 

Your Partner Should Also Watch When You Swing

Another step to take is getting your partner to observe the ball movement and confirm landing spot. Sometimes it is tough to see the ball fly so you should get someone for standing behind and tracking the ball.

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The measure works great and the chances of your golf ball getting lost become minimal.

There are many times when the ball lands in certain spot but the buddy can point somewhere different and where it was. Also you can get them for walking the area when you’re not able to spot it. This is a good etiquette of golf. 

Importance of Wearing Right Sunglasses

Final thing to do is wearing right sunglasses. People don’t wear sunglasses on the course as driving glasses are dark and sometimes they often fall down with minimal activity. 

All golf sunglasses are available in different designs and lens shape keeping them in place and these don’t limit the vision range. With them you can also simply track the ball in air while reading the greens.

There are different colors from which you can pick but the brown works totally fine on a clear sunny day. Brown turns darker color light and lighter ones not much bright. You’ll be able to read greens easily compared to the naked eye. 

Keeping Balls in Play

After following all the previously mentioned steps you would easily be able to keep balls while saving on budget. Upon getting constantly frustrated and hitting the ball in rough, you get a few tips for helping out.

The very first thing that you can do is checking the alignment. Golfers mostly think lining up straight but they normally don’t get properly aligned. 

The clubface needs to be well aligned with the target with feet being parallel to it (not at target). 

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Another thing to do is to keep a check on the clubface when the club doesn’t become parallel with the ground. Many people under rotate or over rotate the clubface in backswing and it pulls or pushes the ball up. 

Now you can take back the club so it becomes parallel to ground and you can check for making sure that the clubface remains at the same angle like your spine. 

Remain in backswing motion and begin the downswing, now again come to a stop when the club becomes parallel. Check whether the angle is the same as the spine or not.

Use Equipment or Golf Balls With High Visibility

With advancement in technology, you get different equipment that helps you in prevention of golf ball loss. In your Android or iOS devices you can find different finding apps for golf ball. For helping keeping the watch on the flight of ball, you also get sunglasses designed for precisely getting filtered light and form a contrast for keeping the ball track in flight. a

Final thing that you’ll want to do is get smart about the game. It’s you who knows your game better compared to everyone else, so you probably have to know the best shot available in all spots.Make sure to play odds and anything that offers you the best chance of being in play.

If you’re in a tight hole and know that the drive is slicing, it’s best to not hit the driver. If you’re in rough and know that you’ve got trouble in making contact, make sure to avoid using fairway wood and instead you can punch that out. 

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